Humidity packs?

Hey anyone using humidity packs? If so what percent humidity are we using?? I’ve been told to give them a try but I’m a bit sceptical.


I just ordered my first one for trial purposes. Should get here tomorrow. I went with 58%.


I had some 62% but they never seemed to work, if the bud was dry it would stay dry, if it was still a bit moist thats the way it stayed. They are now sitting in a bag in my drawer lol.


Lol thanks guys. Maybe I’ll wait to see if anyone’s had luck before I try them.

Best thing I’ve found that works is orange peels in dime bags with pin holes

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I’ve heard mixed reviews, some like them, some think they absorb aroma too…
Around here Buds never last long enough for me to worry about it…


I usually use 62 for curing and storage, stash jar gets a fresh fan leaf or 2 if it’s a little dry


I’ve used Boveda ever since they made packs for cannabis. Currenlty using 59’s. It makes a huge difference on long-term storage of weed - keeps it from getting too dry - preserves terpenes and flavor longer.

Vacuum-sealing the jars with Boveda inside keeps the herb green & fresh for 2-3 times as long IMO.


I’m with @Muleskinner. I also use the 58% boveda packs for long term storage for my jars. It takes about 24 hours for it to stabilize the humidity to which ever you bought.

Also, if you buds are at a higher percentage than the packs they will stay there for a long while. Eventually they should equalize but you’re more than likely gonna have moldy buds in a jar. Best use it to get the buds as close to the percentage on the pack, then seal, and store. They dont really work with plastic bags because plastic still allows for air and moisture to permeate the bag. Just like how you smell pungent flowers in a bag, but not when stored in a jar.


I just started using Integra brand 62% and I think they are awesome! So far having great success.


Screenshot of humidity monitor in a jar with a large 62% Boveda pack over nearly 12 months (first plot is temperature, second plot is humidity)


I had been using the bovedas but now like the integras better. Need to order more as just going thru trim jail and realized I am low.


Wow looks like I’ll be giving them a try.

That’s amazing @Northern_Loki. How the humidity stabilized then stayed even for months. I’m sold.


Been using boveda 62% on my last grow and it was perfect! Make curing so easy.

Also 62% is what give u the most for extraction.



To OP yeah these things work. But like any tool i’s not going to fix your mess ups. It’s not going to turn that dried up shit into fresh green flowers. It’s not going to magically cure it at just the right moisture level unaided. It does help to keep it at a stable RH.

IME the ones you choose should depend on your climate. In a dry climate go with the 62’s in say Florida go with the 58’s


I have used Boveda Humidipaks for years in the quite dry climate of So. CO. In the high desert I go with the 62%. I usually pick up a 10 pack, but this year I will need at least (2) 10 packs. These are great for longer term storage. By the way you can reactivate them if they should dry out. Do a search on youtube for a detailed instructional video.

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I have used them for years. I must like my bud differently than most. 62 was way too wet for me, I have around 200 of the 54 's and use them. I do not “dry” nor “cure” with the packs, never have, use them for storage once Buds have been dried. Usually will not put in a pack till Buds have been in the jars for 1 months or so.


I agree, you do need to have everything reasonably close / stable to where you want it as a finished product otherwise they only work so-so / slow. They do seem to work well to keep things stable for long term storage.


Hey friends! I write a grow journal for Boveda and do social media engaging for them. The technology behind Boveda relies on the same thing that researchers rely on for humidity regulation–the salt/water slurry. Boveda contents also include a food grade thickener.

When used in an airtight container, Boveda technology will exude or absorb pure water vapor until the ambient air inside the container is the RH % of your choice. Each product has a humidity level at which it’s preserved best:

Cannabis 58% to 62%
Cigars 65% to 74%
Wood instruments 49%

When you smell your terps, you’re smelling evaporation. Regulated humidity stops this which is why many miss this smell. However, the grind never lies and shows a very well-preserved cornucopia of terpenes and cannabinoids. The difference here is regulation vs the orange peel method.

I personally cure and store with Boveda 62’s. This way, the humidity level of my bud never changes until I ingest it. I still burp for the first few days.

Let me know if anyone would like more info from the site or if anyone has any questions I can answer.




For me, the RH control is crucial because i grow in the 2nd bedroom of my 8th floor apartment. It’s heated with electric heat which is incredibly drying. Other areas of the world like higher altitudes require hydration even more. Conversely, we get feedback from people in places like Brazil where humidity is their issue and so they use the 58’s to draw in excess and/or mitigate possible sweating.

We’re getting feedback from some Cali growers who cure with 58’s and then store with 62’s.

Here’s a recent article: