Weed smells like hay

Got a pretty good yield from my outdoor plants. Gave them a slow dry, 2 weeks low humidity. Buds are now in glass jars with 62% Boveda packs. They have been in there for around a week, but still smell terrible. Doesnt smell like weed at all, smells like hay. Smokes good and tastes good, just smells awful. No mold or anything. Will my terps come back or should I rename my weed barnyard special?


I’ve had stuff curing in jars for weeks, and still smells green.

Sometimes it gets better, sometimes it doesn’t. I still smoke it, shrug. If its way to green, trim bin.

Really interested if some pros could chime in here to help us out to help prevent it in the first place



There are many variables in drying and curing. Depends on temps, humidity levels, size of buds, stems on buds, wet or dry prune, and sometimes your area code.
Getting advice from online only works if the person giving the advice lives near you, or has all of those variables in mind.


How low is low?

I find mine are done in 7ish days at 60ish humidity.


Not even sure the percentage to be honest.

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Oh for sure I’m going to smoke it, just smoked a joint of it and am feeling good! I enjoy giving friends buds I grow, that’s why I like it to smell good


Usually want to dry at 60% humidity or so depending on the temperature. Ideal would be 60 degrees F but I’ve dried in as high as 75F/65% RH without issues. If the humidity drops below 58% or so in the bud after it’s cut, any curing process stops immediately and can’t be restarted. I’ve only seen a hay smell if the buds are dried too quickly, like under ~5 days.


The humidity fluctuates a lot around me this time of year. Like, it’s 30% RH right now which is way too low. It was 50% two weeks ago.

I suspect they’ve been overly dried. The bovedas will help texture but the buds are unlikely to get dank in the way you are hoping.

It’s ok though, sounds like you’ve got a good haul.

Drying and curing is an art as much as is growing.

All the best


or the give away bin, if anyone wants it?



must be very decent, at the least, me thinks you meant ‘buds to try’(?) right?


Most of mine too.

Too hot & dry, but mostly the too hot. Couldn’t help it in my case but it does prove Kevin Jodrey’s comments re: the harvest being just as or more difficult/important than the growing part.

Growing buds is easy enough. Handling them perfectly isn’t.

In my case the house is being worked on & didn’t plan for it so…

It got up to 80F & down to 42RH in my case. Bye bye terps, hello “no smell” weed. Still smokes fine uncured but I wish my f#$%^*& house had insulation.

Reintroducing humidity is an even scarier challenge. Supposedly possible but mold is the issue.



All of my weed that turned out hayish was from bad genetics. It smelled a little decent during flower, but once dry and cured it vanished. When I started investing in good genetics I no longer had that issue.


I believe that they more than likely over dried when hanging I’ll bet the terps start sneaking back in after awhile While in glass and on the packs.


If it got too dry, I find it can help to rehydrate. The best method I’ve found is to clip a few fingers of fresh fan leaf and put them in the jar. This well help you avoid overhydrating the buds.

The boveda packs can help too but sometimes can’t recover really dry bud on their own.


@Tinytuttle and @lefthandseeds are both right I believe you got it too dry. If the humidity is low enough I have jarred it in 3-4 days to keep it from drying too much. The biggest mistake is over dried and cannot recover. Sometimes humidity here is in the 20% range

Thanks lefty for the tip about the leaf


I wrote this elsewhere, but I recently cut a pair of Mel Franks skunk 96 plants, well back a few months now.
1 pheno showed killer bag appeal, I mean off the hook beautiful budage!! When I cut it and dried it, I was so disappointed with the aromas as there was none.
2nd pheno, total hay smell. If I would close my eyes and nose it, hell it could be yard grass.
I packed them away and put all 7-8 jars in my edible side of my storage area.
Last week I got some out to check it, and sample after a few months of cure.
P1 colors stayed beautiful, so I twisted one up, when wifey got home, and we could not finish it. Ever see a bird that stunned itself by flying into a glass window…that was us for sure!! Blitzed!
P2, buds got that grease feeling, but ZERO…REAL ZERO scents at all! Hell it does not smell of cannabis at all!!
Rolled one up when my cousin stopped by, we’re both older, been puffing since the 70’s, and I let him smell the jar, and he laughed saying that will not get a fly high…we never put the joint on a clip, we just ash trayed it, we both were like glued in our chairs.
He got so quiet, and I saw he was fighting for level. I saw sweat breakout on his forehead, and he also had the bird hitting glass expression!!
A bit later on, we laughed at ourselves, for not giving that plant it’s props. She is so potent.
These are probably better for a breeder than some dumb bitch like me, but damn I love them, even though totally tasteless!


I don’t think anyone has really mastered drying/curing it’s more like an art than a science lol. Lately I’ve been hanging a few days until they get a bit crispy then putting them into paper bags for a few days. They still dry in there but much slower. Once small stems snap I put them in jars and breathe every few days for the first couple weeks.

To show how stupid drying is I did all that with my outdoor and it came out ok, good smell but nothing overpowering. I had a few side buds that I put on a tray in my garage and left for like 2 weeks and those buds smell and taste WAY better than the ones in the jars that I put all the effort into. It makes no sense 🤷


Yep! the first couple days till the outer fan leaves are dry I hang. Then in a paper bag in branches but I have a T-4 and it shuts down when the temp and humidity are low enough. I set it at 63 % to come on and dry in that cabinet a couple days. Then in a jar.

It is true some strains just don’t have a lot of smell though.


I’ve been fighting low humidity, so I’ve been drying in folded shut cardboard boxes. You get within a foot of the box and You can smell the buds. 4 different strains over the last 3 months.


Build yourself a cure box something that can control the humidity and temps .

I’ve tried several ways to dry and cure over the years and the best method by far is a controlled dry and cure.

I swear by 60 degrees and 60 % humidity 12/14 days while plant hung up.
Trim and seal in a air tight container continue to burp stirring the buds when you air the container allows for a even consistency of the buds .

Continue this for up to a week then they should be good to vacuum seal or jar .

I prefer vacuum sealing and storing in the freezer for long term storage , it’s been mentioned to remove the bag from freezer allow to reach room temp before handling the buds to prevent loosing crystal while there still froze.

I’ve taken year old buds and 1 month cured bud and blind tested on my friends and other than a lucky guess there is little to no difference between the two most picked the longer cured as the better of the 2 but wrong at guessing the newer fresher buds .