I think its time to trash the Shark Tank and Smokers Lounge

Ive heard it argued that these subcategories are a way for members to “blow off steam”. The theory being that this will keep that same “steam” out of the main forum.

I dont see it working that way. In reality I think all it does is give some members a free pass to hurt others. It gives the trolls free reign to practice their nastiness and build up their egos. All this does is make them even stronger.

The only way to handle trolls is to stop feeding them and/or boot them from the site.

You cannot argue with a troll and win. You cannot be nice to a troll and have them suddenly start being nice. You cannot educate a troll or reason with a troll, or show them the error of their ways.

All they want it to argue back and make you angry. Thats all. That is their food. If you dont feed them, they will go away. If you feed them, they stay and get bigger. Dont feed the trolls.

The trolls on this site LOVE the shark tank and smokers lounge. It gives them a free place to hurt others on this site. Good people go there, get angry, and go away angry. No steam gets blown off.

I vote we kill both forum sub headings.

Members who act up can be warned. The vast majority are good people who, even if they screw up once in a while, are good people and will self moderate. The ones who cant or wont can be banned. End of story.

If you feel you need to blow off some steam, go out in the garage and bash up your ex-wifes car with a bat, or just yell at a tree or what ever gets you calmed down.

Dont kick the dog or yell at your kids or bring that “stuff” here.

No one needs that sort of “stuff”. Especially in these times we are living in now.


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