Shark's Tank category is now muted

Shark’s Tank is now muted category. That means that topics from Tank don’t show on our Homepage by default and you need to go to Tank category to see them.

If you want them shown on /latest homepage, you need to opt-in.

How to opt-in for Shark’s Tank on /latest? Go to the #sharks-tank category and change your subscription to category to Normal, Watching or Tracking instead of Muted, clicking on the icon right next to “New Topic” (see below).

That also means that all image galleries and journal that you might have in Tank won’t be shown by default on our homepage to all users. So please consider moving them to more appropriate category (e.g. ryasco’s gallery topic).

I think this is inline with our policy of friendly and respectful community spirit and we don’t need to promote Tank that much.


Why is the tank muted?.. Tank issues?

@GrowerGoneWild please see this Team discussion.

I’m hoping there’s a way to stop seeing posts from this abomination.
Imho the sharks tank is a blight and id rather not be subjected to it’s unwanted inflammatory topics involuntarily.
It’s my own prejudice and I don’t want to put anyone down but I can’t abide the negativity anymore.
I can be a very dark person and I come from a very dark place. I need to avoid that trigger at all costs.


Sure, just Mute #sharks-tank category…

Basically all settings are in “Categories” section of your user profile. Muting is very powerful and you can basically filter out any category or topic you don’t want to see in /latest. Muted topics also won’t trigger any notifications for you. You can still find muted topics going to particular category where it belongs.

See how:


Much obliged friend.
I’m a bit tech illiterate

Good hunting!


Both #sharks-tank and #sharks-tank:political-war-debate categories are now muted by default. It means that to see topics in those categories you must selectively visit that particular category through category list. They won’t appear on our Homepage in /latest topics.

To opt-in for those categories please go to your preferences, remove them from Muted section and click Save.