Do we need non-cannabis categories in 2020?

I’d like to initiate some discussion about the existence of non-cannabis categories on our board. Yes, I mean the notorious Tank(#sharks-tank) and Political Wars (#smokers-lounge:political-war-debate) category which were part of 2000’ OG era… I think it is vital to make our past decisions a subject of revisiting and new discussion…

There were lately some issues brought by members regarding bad behaviour, name calling and offensive posting. It seems like it stemmed in those two categories and I had to explain that Political and Tank are unmoderated.

From my observations it seems like those can be source of antagonism and animosities that can spread to other categories… Specially nowadays when people are split by political views almost 50:50.

The question is do we need non-cannabis categories on cannabis forum?

I know that freedom of speech is one of key values for cannabis growers & proponents. But does it help the overall atmosphere on forum?

How do you feel about those categories…?


Kill it with fire.

The politics part of OG is horribly scary and I’d rather not know anything of this about anyone here, it degrades the experience immensely in my opinion and more than once made me consider to quit.


I think most people are too fragile to engage in unmoderated discussions about ugly things, including most of the people who think they are grown up enough to engage in them. As someone who knows how to scroll past things I don’t want to read or post in, I’m inclined to ignore things. But I can’t help but wonder why those things exist at cannabis forums. I also can’t understand how the people posting in them don’t realize they aren’t one-upping anyone… They are just pointing out how similar they are to their perceived opposition.


I personally don’t bother with those categories . That’s not what I’m here for .


There will always, always, be trolling and conflict on any board.

I stay away from the worst of these threads. But perhaps it’s good to have them so people can vent in designated places - as long as it stays there.

I can’t see why people can’t agree to disagree, we see so often in “good” threads.

A “people who grow hydro are stupid” thread would never be tolerated. Politics should be treated the same way.

Maybe move all political threads to the shark tank?


Those two categories fly in the face of what I think OG stands for. Politics are so boring. So sick of hearing about trump tweets or orange man bad nonsense. If I want to engage on the net about politics, OG is not the place. 99 percent of the rest of the internet is


Send them to the trash, they are not what we are here for … :sunglasses:


I’m happy with or without but honestly I’m just here for cannabis related stuff and growing everything else is just extra.



It’s difficult to separate the question from the preface ( for me) but they do seem separable. :thinking:

…Aaaaand: Isn’t THIS a non-cannabis post in non-cannabis category? :confounded: d’oh!

I agree 100% but the volume & frequency :radio: can be adjusted. :joy:

This problem may be a subtle thing to understand; I.e. perhaps seed giveaways attract a flood of new users, some who stay around but are unfamiliar with established OG manners?

@LemonadeJoe, further to the point, are these threads too demanding of moderator-time or server-space/connections? Just annoying? :wink:

:ear: :ear: :ear: :ear: :ear:



I’d prefer not to have them. Tons of other places to discuss non-cannabis related politics IMO. Online forums typically do not have healthy discussions when it comes to politics and it could negatively affect the overall tone here at OG.


No, we do not need that here is my humble opinion for

I want to grow cannabis and thats what I expect here! :innocent:


I think the tank is good for healthy, venting but political threads, not so much. I mean I have a non-cannabid thread (my Jeep XJ rebuild thread).


I am ok without them. Yes there have been problems this year and they do spill into other areas as well.
I think there should be a thread on how to mute or ignore members and other tips for settings to help deal with the issues as well.


Nix 'em. I don’t think those categories help the community. We’re here for one thing, and I think we should just focus on doing that part well.


My opinion is if it doesn’t involve marijuana in some shape or form smoking it growing it marijuana news then it should be left on Facebook and if a person is only here for political arguments fuckem


No one is gonna sway a person to switch political alliance’s via Overgrow let’s be real so any talk of politics is purely to sling mud for your side were being divided enough time to unite again under the one banner we all love marijuana!


I have posted in them sometimes, to give an opinion, but I refrain from getting emotional about my points of view. Nothing is gained from getting nasty to anyone, and I usually leave the conversation if it starts going that way.

I can disagree with someones philosophy, without getting bent out of shape with them personally. As far as the political stuff goes I dont care either way if it stays or goes.

The shark tank is a good place for users to let off steam without repercussion from moderators, but not free from the effects of personal verbal abuse, between members, who can not control their emotional sides very well. This then gets taken elsewhere into other threads and can cause friction unfortunately.

I have a art/painting thread that is non cannabis related, other than the cannabis pic I painted, which I would like to keep going, as and when I paint something. There are others as well as RekoX’s jeep build that are free from conflict which would be nice to keep…


I don’t like them either


Why not just ban political and religious posts? Typically they cause the most wars.


I know doing away with the non cannibis related threads would do my blood pressure a world of good. IE: politics

I’m as gentle as lamb and as big as Grizzly but when stirred up I’m worse than any tazmanian devil and wolverine combined.