iPhone/iPad app to access Overgrow

There is now new iOS (iPhone and iPad) app that can bring you user experience of real mobile app when browsing Overgrow.com forums.

Check it out at:


Please let me know in the comments if you like it…


I’m getting No Results Found when I search for overgrow

On Discover tab, tap :heavy_plus_sign: in top right corner and input overgrow.com. Then in Topics tab, OG will appear in My Communities. You can browse forum it by clicking on that link.

If you want also be able post or check PMs use :bust_in_silhouette: icon in header to log in.

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This is very cool. Looks like the app is an interface for adding different communities into once place, like RSS but for forums. What software is OG based on?

on Discourse.

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How secure is it ? I seem to be ok on an iPhone as is , uploads etc are easier here than other forums without using discourse but I not sure about using a third party platform

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You are asking good questions. I hope that Apple does its job auditing apps well.

But of course I wouldn’t use it for mission critical applications. For occasional browsing it can be useful because the experience on mobile can be improved over browser.

For best security always use trusted browser (Chrome or Safari).


That makes sense with the app name :grimacing: This is really cool, never realised how many community sites ran on this software. Reminds me of the phpbb days

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@LemonadeJoe any plans for an Android app? I have two OG icons on my phone now I just click then boom I’m here lol

Okay cool, I just didn’t notice the plus symbol in the corner.
I was looking for an app just like this, thanks!

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This is what i have set up as well for Android.