Jaws seeds tester beans

I recently received a gift from Jaws to test some Double Heather fems which I will post updates on here.

I also wanted to invite anyone running any Jaws tester beans to post up here so we can share experiences.

I cracked 5 beans and now have 5 sprouts. Seeds where large and dark.

Reused sunshine mix number 4 soil, maxigro nutes and some tps billions. Very excited to run some Jaws gear as this is my first time running any of his stuff, for which I am very thankful for.


Jaws testers?…I’ll be following that :raised_hands::fire::star_struck:


dang @CosmoNut did not even known you got a thread started, so sorry brother.

so ya these are testers i made a couple grows back and they are fem seeds. as ALWAYS when working with unknown strain especially s1/fem PLEASE be very very watchful for herm issues, not expecting you to have any but still YOU are testing so that’s a possibility. i look forward to seeing how these do for you my friend.

thank you for your time and grow space …


a couple pics of the mother.

thank you …


Nice! Looking forward to this @CosmoNut :facepunch:t2:


@JAWS Whats the lineage on these ladies?


I am putting this one on watch. bring on the :movie_camera:

:green_heart: :seedling:


still a bit of confusion on that Question, thinking its a TEXAS Heather f2. it was created by TEXAS RESIN COMPANY years ago.

first info i got was DOUBLE X * DOUBLE BARREL OG but im not sure that is correct.

still unsure …


are they female seeds Double Heather ?


ya the ones you were suppose to test for me !!.

same ones …


Shrouded in mystery.

Adds to the mystic


that might be lonestars(r.i.p) work?


Update time

Double Heather 1
Up potted yesterday. Looking pretty normal. Too small to take clones from.

Double Heather 2
Tallest of the group. odd but she’s trying to flower even though I veg under 24 hours of light. Little bit of brown on the lower fan leaves. Let’s see what she grows into.

Double Heather 3
Equal height to 1, short and compact just like 1. Very light leaf twisting.

Double Heather 4
Tallest by a hair other then 2. Structure just not quite as stocky. Some leaf twisting

Double Heather 5
Very similar to the rest except for number 2 that’s trying to flower. No leaf twisting, rust/brown spots

Turned the LEDs down to 25%, 2 lights are on, they are 480 watts each. Going to give them some straight water (tap roughly 150 ppms, 7 ph) and see what they do.Room temp is 69* with between 56-63% humidity.


Dbl Heather 2

Looks to be going herm. I will give it another day or two before I pitch. But these look like nuts.


ya if there herm pitch them out brother, thats 0-2 on the last two batches. need to figure out whats going on with this.

thank you …

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are those HERMS or are they just straight up males ??..


Looks like a dude to me! Hard to tell from these pics but I’m only seeing boy parts. Can’t see any lady parts.


ya thats what im seeing as well, still i know i know there suppose to be fem and should not be any males. how ever if your not getting herms and just males, then id say a stray pollen hit on a branch. how many are you running again and of those what do the others look like.

more info pics please & thank you …

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That’s the best pic I could get. This is the one start started flower despite 24 hr veg.

Running 5 this is the only one acting strange.

My photos are never “good” but I cracked a rib so it’s making it a little tough.

Never thought about the stray pollen.

But yeah ask questions and I will do my best to answer.

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That does look a lot like a lady flower. This is all the same plant?

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