Crownpoodle's 4x4

OK. Time to participate a bit. Been lazy about stepping outside my familiar zone.
4x4 Vivosun attic style tent. HLG 600R spec. Infinity T6. Couple oscillators and floor fans.
Peat and Perlite. GH Lucas formula.
18 days into 12/12- 3 Genus Seeds Rude Dog fems, 3 20TwentyMendocino Avenue of the Giants fems all in 3s, and 4 Bad Dawg Genetics Tres Stardawg x RAB regs in 2s. Can’t take photos with this device. I’ll get some up later.


Right on. I’ll follow along.

Lets see how these load. All I know for sure are the tall ones are Rude Dogs.


Sounds like some cool stuff going on. I’ll pull up a chair for this! :sunglasses:


A little more info. Started in the tent with my recycled outdoor soil. Some issues. Light leaks. Stress from transplant timing, heat, etc. Switched to P&P for better control.
Runs going progressively better. Last run was SFVOG from 20Twentymendocino, Strawberry Goo and Jack Frost x PT, both Genus Seeds. All 3 came out excellent! All 3 worth growing again if I didn’t have seeds a zillion otha strains
Now that I have a little better control, I’ll work on yield. Not a cash cropper so quality is my #1 goal. But I smoke a lot, so more would be good.
I grow in the yard too. This year I mostly made an offering to the grey mold/Botrytis, spooge god. Whatever you call that shit. Not PM, that I can tolerate.


Following I too use a hlg 600r curious to see what comes of those tres star dawg x rab

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I’ve had good luck with Bad Dawg’s stuff. Ma Gooey x RAB was stellar! RAB outdoors did well too.The TSDxRAB has great branching. Seems like a good choice to SCROG for someone, which isn’t me. My access is limited or I’d give that a shot.

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Coming up on decision time for the next run. I’ve got Tony Green’s OG Chem Bub out. Jaw’s Genetics Lime OGEE is out too. But I’d like a 3rd choice. I have such good luck with Bad Dawgs seeds, I might see if I have something OG in the bag. Or more Genus.
I’ve heard lime strains can have good pain relief, so that’s why the Lime OGEE.
The missus is OG friendly lately, and so it goes. For perspective I did not take so much as a bong rip for 15 years. And no, I wasn’t locked up. My wife was my #1 tester all those years. She knows what’s up.


4 weeks. Pretty happy here. All out today for a gypsum flush and more leaf removal, but I’m sure it doesn’t look like it to you heavy defol folks. I’ve taken a lot more than I have before, so we’ll see how that works out. Put in more stakes for future support.
Rude Dogs stacking nicely. Probably Thai leaners. Trees Stardawg x RAB frosting nicely.


Week 5. More pics when lights go on and I can get them out. My Avenues look to finish 1st, listed as an 8 week strain, so it’s time to get going for my next go. @DesertHeartGardens the TSD x RAB have brittle stems, need support early on.
UII need to get some peat and Perlite mixed. Solos labeled. Decide which pots. 2x2 cleaned out and reconfigured so I have more headroom to veg. Back to sleeping with fans, which masks (sure it does) my tinnitus.
Running Lemon Mints x MB15, courtesy of my generous pal @shag. I’ve not run something not cloned or purchased before, so this will be new for me. See what I can find. OG Chem Bub. Lime OGEE. Got a ton of random fems. Something will stick out too me.


looking great nice full tent in there thanks for the info, what kind of smells you getting off the tsd x rab?

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Nothing real specific yet. Some kind of cleaner/solvent smell, but subtle so far.


Ordered a better dehumidifier today. Too many buds getting dense to take a chance. Tents pretty plugged, pushing things more this time. I’ll sleep better when it’s in.


Well shit. Pulled off my 1st leaf with PM in 1.5 years in the 4x4 today. Took them out for a foliar of Green Cleaner, yucca, and chitosan. Only put 9 back. Put a TSD x RAB in my 2x2. 4x4 still looks full.


What has your humidity been running at?

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In the 4x4, mid 50s most of the time. 45 earlier, 51 now. It’ll jump to 65 at lights out. Taking another hour to drop mid 50s again. I don’t like that much swing, so a new dehum Saturday. Foggy at night a lot, right outside the tent is in rh will be 80s-90s at night, but the tent stays down. I do not heat my tent. I heat the shed it’s in.
The 2x2 I just fired back up yesterday. My Cloudline T4 didn’t seem to be working. Rh not dropping at all. Magazine over passive intake. Oops. Not sure where I can keep this at. Only germed and vegged a little in it.
Wife sticks her head in my room. “Plants back on furniture again I see.”


Got my new dehum in a couple days ago. Set it at 50. Tent’s in 8x8 shed. My “lung room” I suppose? Dehum is in there for now. My heater has been too. Yesterday before lights on I had 59 with 89 rh outside the shed, 73 and 49 rh inside. Think I’ll leave it there for now.
If I wasn’t still sick (no smart comments), I’d be sleeping better. 44 days in flower. Got 3 Rude Dogs that I’ve seen go 10 weeks, so a ways to go. Plants getting unruly.


Numbers look alot better with the dehum. What is the lineage on the rude dog?


Rude Dog is from Genus Seeds, formerly Generic Seeds. GLG carried them. These are fems. It’s Dina Chem x Urban Menace. The Chem dog used is Dinafem dinachem Stardawg Guava cut x Chem 91 clone. The Urban Menace is Jack Frost x Thai x Indian Jim’s N. Lights. Got 2 i think might be Thai leaning. In messaging with a guy just got done, it’s the Chem leaners that sound toxic. Lots of nice phenos, he’s revegged and got clones going. Good reason, I assume.
The shots I saw of RD at 77 days were beautiful! Had a golden hue to them.


Day 50. TSD x RAB getting there 1st. Dense bud. No smells. None. Oh…thats my nose not working. I’m guessing another 7-10. Plant in the bath is out of a 2x2. Other’s the 4x4.