Juul, worth trying?

Hi there,
Hope someone is experienced in that topic.
I still haven’t tried vaping, but I’m a smoker.
My friend told me about Juuls and proposed to try. Now I’m thinking about that. Sometimes she can be mean and I can’t fully trust her. Would be happy to hear someone’s else opinion too.
I’ve read here https://vapingdaily.com/best-electronic-cigarettes/juul-electronic-cigarettes-review/ that they are portable, easy in use and charging fast enough.
So I’m thinking now about trying it.


Wouldn’t bother.

Stick to the all natural cannabis.

There isn’t any question about it, it is not bad for you, and is probably good for you!

And by the way, welcome @CityGirl


Have a little look at these links.


Welcome @CityGirl definitely check out the threads @99PerCent posted for you. . .awesome stuff in there

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Ok, thanks. I’ll have a look


The Juul is made by Pax and its works really well. It is all true, it’s light weight, very small, recharges quickly and lasts all day for me. Best Juul Pods that i find are the best tasting are Mango and the Fruit one. Mint is not bad too.

Few tips for you and anyone wanting a Juul.

  1. It is very small you will be playing hide and go seek with it so wrap in bright coloured tape or paint it with bright nail polish.

  2. Keep the contacts clean. Inside where the pod plugs in and at the base where it charges. If the contacts on the bottom of the unit where it charges are not clean the unit may charge slowly or not at all. If the tip contacts are not clean at the top you will discharge the Juul quickly and intermittent connections will cause liquid to slip by the element when in use and you coukd get ejuice in your mouth.


If you are trying to quit smoking cigarettes, the Juul is not really going to cut it IME. Not to mention the cost. I started with the Blu, and they never satisfied my cravings, so I would smoke regular cigarettes too. Plus I had to order cartridges from the internet, so I would run out and be stuck.

Next I moved to the e-go style pens with a high nicotine content. These sort of worked, but they were still not satisfying my urges completely. They were refillable though and I was saving tons of money.

Finally I moved to a sub-ohm tank. This is when I finally got the satisfaction of a cigarette from an electronic device. I would get my juice custom mixed at a local shop. Each time I bought a new bottle of juice I would get 1 mg/ml less until I was at 0 nicotine. After a short time, I just naturally stopped using it all together.

Now I use an oil cartridge with rosin in it. :grin:


you got your big cheese

I got my hashpipe

Yup, that’s what it took for me as well. I mix my own, down to 2mg/ml over the last year. What’s the cartridge you use for rosin? I’ve had terrible terrible luck with those.


I use this bad boy. It’s been my daily driver for almost two years now. I’ve had to replace a part or two, but parts are sold separately for repairs. These are made with a high quality ceramic coil and a titanium grade 2 wick. No glue is used in the assembly and no metal heating elements.



I bought juul and I love it. I read the review from http://smokefree.net/juul-review/

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