Keeping a male to collect pollen, without pollinating my girls

Sup fam, anyone got any tips on how I can keep a small (2gal pot) male that’s starting to flower do I collect it’s pollen for later use, without it pollinating my girls outside next to him.


Isolate him, flower him, collect his pollen, apply with small paintbrush to a branch, whole plant(also isolated from main), or store bone-dry in the fridge for later use.

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Thanks, but I wanna keep it outside…and there’s about 7/8 already flowering ladies by him, even if I move him …the wind works in mysterious ways…


If you don’t have a tent and lights you can dedicate, get a deep cardboard box in a little used room or corner (no breeze, no clothing contamination). Set a compact fluorescent clip on. Get a water waiter ($5 for three) with a water supply that you can refill without disturbing the plant. May have to poke a basin height hole in the cardboard for the little hose.
It won’t thrive but it will keep making pollen. Knock the pollen into a jar periodically and keep it cold, dry and dark.

Edit :This will work outside too, throw a clear plastic tarp or glass over it. Maybe something other than cardboard if you’re expecting rain.


Spray bottle full of water. Drown the shit out of it water neutralises pollen so douse your other plants in water too. Problem solved :+1:t2:


@Explorer: Except he wants viable pollen.


Except he also wants to move it without getting seeds on his other plants.


Gotcha. One time spray as move prep. That works.

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trim it down to just a couple of nodes that you need for pollen, and move it to and area where its away from the girls considering wind and such, and even if they do get randomly hit, then you gets seeds out of it anyways…


Question. Water neutralizes pollen. This may simply mean it deaerosolizes it. Does anyone know if it recovers its essence when it dries?

You can also cut a branch and move it somewhere isolated. Put it in a vase with some parchment paper under it to collect the pollen when the flowers open.


You’re bang on the money bro spray the plant down cut him down to size could probably even dome it with a stick underneath or something to shake the branch and just spray your other plants while collecting the pollen. I’d say that’s best option would save having to move it.

Spray it down with a pump sprayer . The water will make the pollen unviable.

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@Sincy I’m not sure that’s correct. I’ve recently read (though I haven’t substantiated, your info is currently as good as mine) that water removes the pollen’s ability to be airborne but it is still capable of fertilizing. In other words, If you keep your seed mamas together, brushing the wet, newly pollinated mama into another plant could result in an unintended cross and perhaps contamination of a working line.

I let them sit for a day or two, then spray them down and keep spraying daily while they sit on my deck (not universally necessary but I had aphid issues in my male room.) They stay on my deck for a day or two, I shake 'em. Examine 'em. Some Spinosad, citrus or Neem (won’t be smoking, seeds will be fine,) then back in with the bloomers.

I have a productive Deep Chunk male and a CS Reversed Oregon Huckleberry whose pollen viability I haven’t confirmed. I won’t have more males for a month or so.


Yes nature will find a way but it helps

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Another technique I have seen but not tried yet, it to put a small male in a white kitchen trash can. This is then kept in the same area but in the most undisturbed (by fan) corner.

This method probably won’t be 100% but will probably keep most pollen off the females with most of the pollen dropping to the bottom of the trash can.

The trash can could be removed from the room to collect pollen for a larger main pollination later.

The males would need to be kept small for this idea. My thought is you would want the top of the male to be no more than 2/3 to the top of the trash container.

You can also top the male leaving only a few branches to control height. I have done this to control height for my pollination chamber.

I may try this method with my main male for the current run.

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I am using the trimming technique currently on a male Eastern Manipur Burmese. I have a male and a female so hope to collect some pollen from the male to pollinate a later flowering female.

The male is an earlier flowering pheno which I am happy about but it was developing male flowers too early. Too keep it in with the other females longer, without it pollinating the females in there now, I cut it back. This will set its flowering cycle back a couple weeks.

Ultimately it will be moved into the pollination isolation chamber but currently I have a couple other male plants in there to collect pollen.

Plant before trimming.

Plant after trimming.

@Eudaemon seems there are a couple threads on this topic. Here is an example of the pruning technique.