Kingbrite LED, experiences?

I got the 480W bar setup, been struggling to find the sweet spot. Seems that Samsung LM301H with CREE reds is a powerful combo. Anyone have experience with it, or other wattage Kingbrite bar LEDs??

Growing in coco and having a strong LED I have to feed extra calmag despite using coco spesific nutes (manufacturer says no need to add calmag…)

Even when trying to use correct DLI and PPFD I still feel that I should use lower numbers than normally with this one…

Anyone? Pretty please and kief on top… :kissing_heart:


Adding calmag under LED is not unusual.


Do you reckon it is the spectrum or lower temps?


I have experience with large 6 foot Kingbrite fixtures for fish aquariums, the 3w emitter type. They all failed on me in a year or less.


I supplement calmag too with leds,if I don’t the plant gets rust everywhere


I often see calmag getting recommended where to my eye it’s under feeding.

My tap water doesn’t trigger my ec meter (Scottish water) and I’ve never needed calmag.

With led I’ve found that plants hammer through ec, each time i increase the light i need to increase my ec with it.

Using run off as my guide to ec requirements, when I boost the light it’s predictably going to be lower than going in the next day by as much as 60% below the input of 1.8ec.

A picture of the plant/s might help?


I have a kings Brite qb with ir and uv. I think within next week I put 9 to flower under it. I have it since summer last year but didn’t manage to use it for a flowering cycle yet lol


I’ve used a couple Kingbrite 480w with Cree reds for a few years and they grow great buds. My oldest fixture has a row of dim diodes but it’s been running constantly for 2+ years. They are powerful and need to be at least 2ft above the canopy.

Edit: Also in regards to adding extra calmag, I use jacks and I find that increasing the magnesium sulfate (epsom salt) to 1.4 grams/gallon fixes this problem for me


I run a 320w quantum bar from king bright. When you put the plants under them in veg keep the power at ca. 25% and high above the canopy. Let them get used to it a couple days before gradually turning power up. During flower you can turn power up to like 80% or so. My tent is too low to use them at 100% so it seems.

Temps are too low too. I’m using heat mats or tube heaters to keep the temps up, especially during lights of. And the occasional exta calmag.


Thank you

@pharmerfil @Stinky and all others…!

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