Led noobie advice sorely needed

hi guys have recently returned to growing and am seeing some impressive grows from you guys using them, im a complete novice when it comes to leds, anyway have been looking on amazon, what is the consensus on this particular light? is it worth getting a couple? how many would i need to replace a traditional 600w hps cooltube? heat is a real issue where i live so these could potentially be a godsend


They will grow weed fine but like all Chinese manufacturers the advertisement is deliberately misleading. These actually draw 240w at the wall and will NEVER be able to replace a 600w hps.
We have a few threads here in OG for diy light builds that will hands down grow much better plants.

I’d avoid any Chinese grow light like the plague.


Im with @Esrgood4u. I personally would avoid them as well and im not sure the blurple lights are worth using. Don’t think I would want my grow room looking like the twilight zone either haha.

I personally only have hands on experience with Quantum QB96v2 elites, which work fantastically for me so far, and put off a nice whiter light at around 3500k. I bought the lights with heatsinks and drivers etc separately and wired them up myself after reading and learning online.

If I were to do it again and wanted a perfectly even spread I would probably also build a strip design with ideal spacing to get amazing coverage in my space… not that I don’t get great coverage with 4-6 of the QB96s in a 4x4 space.

EDIT: they are horticulture lighting group, quantums


If heat is an issue you are going to love LEDs imo… mine put off heat still but much more light, instead of wasted energy being generated as heat.

To the point where my basement probably needs extra heat now during the winter, or a different ventilation setup, for good temps


Sorry to post so many replies instead of just one but I am on my phone so… yeh lol.

Anyway there are some great articles and forums over on ledgardener that were great information for me.


I would avoid chinese ones as it is wisely said, here is the brand offer the ones I actually use, I’m really happy with how they work so far … :sunglasses:


I use same company as @George1961, but probably different specifics. The quantum rspec boards came out literally right after I got set up with the 96v2elites or I most likely would have purchased them. There is a lot of info on this company and these boards all over youtube and other places.


It depends on your budget.

At that price point you may be better off going with a more traditional HID setup.

That light will work, but I wouldn’t pay retail for it.

If you’ve got money to spend the HLG would be a good place to put it.



With quality QB the higher budget is rapidly compensated with the savings in the electricity bills … :sweat_smile:

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Blurple is on the out and out. Its all about quantum/COB LEDs these days. (“quantum board” is a trademark product by HLG but the general gist is they are COB LED strips that look similar to the old blurple lights except they use COBs instead of diodes)

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thanks to all replies, a lot of research to do then i think before jumping in, great places to start thanks to u all