Looking for "Eve" for Leukemia

Does anybody know where I can find a strain called “Eve”? Today, I start my first round of chemo to treat my leukemia flare-up and apparently Eve kills the cancerous cells, according to an Australian study. I’ve got full spectrum CBD oil but I’d like to try making RSO, preferably with Eve. Thank you for any help you can provide.


Only thing I could find Best of Luck
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Unfortunately, that site says “eve” is their “exclusive and proprietary property.”

These guys will never give you access to that plant.

Stuff like this is incredibly frustrating to me as an mmj patient. They don’t want medicine or the tools required to make it to be accessible to the people who need it. They just want to turn a profit.

Personally I found a very effective strain to manage my connective tissue disorder called one star from Archive breeders, who run a dispensary in my town.

I used to be able to get multiple phenotypes, one in particular worked amazingly well for me. if I remember correctly, it contained %42 total cannabinoid content, consisting of %15 thc and a diverse spectrum of trace cannabinoids not found in the other phenotypes.

Eventually, they started to eliminate phenotypes and sell fewer and fewer, until they had narrowed it down to a pheno with %32 thc and no trace cannabinoids.

I got in contact with archive, asking if one star existed in seed form, or if they would give me access to their discarded low thc/ high trace cannabinoid cut for personal medical use.

They were very rude. They said “one star only exists to win cannabis cups” and “there is no way we would let this one get out”.

Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you. I am happy to send anything in my genetic library.

Here are a list of breeder packs and freebies with a potential for cbd rich phenotypes.
Strayfox AC/DC x charlotte’s web
Bad dawg zero dark 30 cbd cutting x LBL (a jacks cleaner x kush)
Bodhi barefoot doctor (harlequin x cbd rich sunshine daydream male)

I will never use these myself, I’d be happy to give you any or all.
If you still have any of the pure lebanese I gave you, those have very good potential for high cbd phenotypes. The low yields may be problematic, but the quick flower cycle might make up for it.

A long itme patient and cultivator was telling me cbc acts as a powerful anti-cancer agent, but that it is hard to find phenos that produce a useful ratio of cbc. I am also looking for high cbc because it reduces pain perception.

The other strains with potential for high cbc were maui waui cherry bomb, and long flowering african varieties. unfortunately these are also hard to find, and their long folowering period is prohibitive for medical use.


Thank you, @zephyr, I appreciate all the help you’ve provided. I actually have a Mountain Dew and a Donut Shop vegging, but my room has been really hot so they’re a little stunted. I figure those Lebanese strains are the closest I may have. I read about that Eve and it’s healing properties and figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask around. Thanks again.

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Thank you, @STIGGY . Yup, that’s the strain but I can’t find Eve seeds or the phenos to look for in other strains. After reading further, I’m going to order some oil from them in hopes they carried the healing traits from Australia to California.

I did some reading this morning. It seems one tester found some phenos in the barefoot doctor that made them feel uncomfortable, so I don’t think that would be a good fit.

I’d really like to send you this 5 pack of ac/dc x charlotte’s web. It’s a hybrid of two of the highest cbd percentage plants known to the mmj community. If you need cbd, this could be a good option.
I grew ac/dc from clone in the past, it is an unusual plant. It grew rather small with very rubbery stems.
It smells like tangerine. My friends loved smoking that strain, although high cbd doesn’t work for me medicinally.

Unless the charlotte’s web brings in much different structural traits, I would suggest growing these in tomato cages.

I’d like to get these out to you asap if you think they would be useful in your medicinal regiment.

@zephyr, Thank You! I am willing to try anything that can take the place of the poisons they expect me to ingest. Do you still have my address? Also, I’d be more than happy to cover all costs.