Looking for High CBD Strains

Hey everyone. I’m looking for some high CBD/low THC seeds for a buddy of mine. He’ starting his first grow and wants some CBD for his wife.

I have some CBD crosses that I’d be willing to trade. I’ve got 5 Sherlock’s Gift from Doc’s Dank Seeds.

I also have these as well:

79 - Blueberry X AC/DC
10 - Blueberry X Deadlights
44 - Blueberry X Harle Tsu,
The Blueberry strains are from NAPA alley Gateway Seeds, on Strainly.

The problem is, I don’t know what the ratios are for my strains, so I don’t want to send him those. If anyone’s got some good verified high CBD strains, and would like to add a new strain to their stable, please hit me up. Thanks.


Canada or ‘merica??
I have ac/dc clones (20:1)


Thanks dude, but 'merica. Besides, he’s a total n00b, never started seeds, (I walked him through the paper towel method), and he’s never handled clones before, so seeds are probably gonna be best for him. I’ve sent him a couple of basic grow books.

He’s younger, but he’s great guy, and he’s so excited about it, it’s infectious. He sent me a text after he got his seeds in towels, “I’m a pot farma motha-fucka!!” :smiley: Cracks me up.


Hahha awesome


The best bet is prob some cbd autoflowers. I got some cheese cbd that are 1 to 1 as freebies from seedsman. They have a pretty big selection of cbd auto strains


I thought about that, some CBD auto-fems would do the trick.


I have to be straight with you, man. Anyone who claims they have seeds that are guaranteed to be high CBD and low THC is either misinformed or bullshitting you.

There is going to be variability in CBD:THC ratios with the VAST majority of these strains - even the ones for sale at high prices from “reputable” breeders. The honest breeders post their test results from multiple plants, and the data always shows variability.

The only truly guaranteed way to get the ratio you want/need is to grow plants out, test them, and then clone the ones that test the way you want them.

Or, grow as many of the same plants as you can, harvest them, cure them separately, then test smoke the different plants and decide which ones provide the desired results.

Case in point: I grew out some Sweet Pure Auto CBD from Sweet Seeds. They claim 20:1 CBD:THC ratio. I can’t say for sure that’s the exact ratio, but my gut says it is. I smoke a whole joint and get no THC high whatsoever. I get a calming effect from the CBD that I have never felt quite that strong before, and if I smoke higher THC stuff after the CBD stuff, I don’t get anxiety like I usually do on just the THC or 50:50 stuff.

Another member (I forget who) bought and grew the exact same strain, and reported that the plant definitely wasn’t 20:1 and that it got him way higher than he expected. Neither of us is lying, and the next seed from my pack might grow into a plant that gets me high as fuck.

I’ve seen this time and time again. People buying “CBD” seeds and then getting high as fuck. CBD is a trend, and a lot of “breeders” are cashing in on it.

This isn’t to say you shouldn’t try, but don’t expect guaranteed results. Grow lots of plants, keep them separate and try them out. Better to take clones so you can re-grow them if you find something you really like.


I just picked up some cool CBD strains from @Sebring @ diygreenlife.com



I’m glad you typed that out so I didn’t have to, you are spot on and most of the people working with CBD genetics that really want to help people will explain this right away. I have a few CBD strains in seed form, canna tonic, Harley tsu, seabrings revenge, otto#1, a Korean hemp plant, maybe a few others I forgot. I haven’t popped any of them and instead keep and grow a known tested pheno of ringos gift. Southern Humboldt seed organization is one of the main breeders involved with CBD strains besides the folks out in Colorado there site comes up as king of CBD genetics I would recommend everybody check it out. I’m not sure if they ship outside of the usa but there really great people and have some pretty solid CBD genetics.


:wave: That was me, mine felt more like 1:1. I have not grown another yet.


Yup Ive probably explained this to 10 ppl looking for meds over the last couple months


i tried to get verified cuttts of high cbd/low thc in Canada here last year. The person Im growing for is thc sensitive.
I couldnt find a verified cutt. I ran cbd seeds, some were good, some were just hot enough she didnt like it.
Its amazing that im in the only country in the world with pro cannabis laws (lol) yet I cant go to a local nursery and obtain legit cuttings of stuff.
I guess ya need to know the right peeps to get access.
Im a hermit.
Good luck


Hey bud I have ac/dc if u need one in the future. Shes 20:1


Thanks for that write up man. I wasn’t aware CBD strains were so variable. It sounds like the only way to go is grow out the seeds and test each plant, or find a verified cutting of a high CBD cultivar.


I sent you a message brother, check your msgs.

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Does anyone have any high cbd seeds? dm me if so. We can trade or whatever you want

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try looking into the sour tsunami bx from annunaki

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I have bag seed from Charlotte’s Sauce(Charlotte’s Web x Special Sauce) and Suver Haze(Think this is a Special Sauce Pheno but hard to find info).

If you’re in the usa, you could literally buy some cbd flower from fieldsofhempllc or apicalgreens and get enough seeds to get started. Last I heard from someone on reddit thats done this, they’re fem auto seeds.


I can get a good ammount of cbd seeds from my brothers work. Its a 50 acre cbd bud farm. The strains all tested at 10-15% cbd and less than .3 thc.


I hadn’t thought of that, Thanks!