Looking for help from CAD designer

Hi everyone,

Does anyone with cad skills have a minute to help me with a file to send for 3d printing?

It’s a small enclosure to fit 2 electrical components for an led build.




Well how about for a free boost bar?



I work at a machine shop . It’s what I do for a living what do you need exactly?
I don’t want the bar I’ll do what I could… I’ll take one old shop glove though ;p
I’m unsure what post processor your printer uses . Everything I do is fanuc on a cnc machine . We cut rather than add material.
You follow me? If I can help I will.

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Tnx mate

Needed an STL file but have decided to just stick with what I know
Aluminium drill saw

As U Know gloves are precious when working with metals

Well if you ever have to use cad soft ware . Its really simple to figure out. Most of them go like this . 2d shapes then = 3d build a box in 2d width x length then it will ask what the 3rd dimension is height. You cut and paste a bunch shapes together and your done.

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