CBD strains that worked for you - or didnt?

The intent of this thread is different from the other ones. I want to track which specific CBD and CBD/THC strains are working for people - or not.

The idea is to have a reference so people can get an idea of what specific strains are working for what symptoms so they can have a better idea of what to buy and grow or to skip.

So, please - only post if you have a specific strain you have grown and tried and can say how well or poorly it worked for you.

Or - if a friend has grown something that works for them, and you know the exact strain, thats ok too.

Please tell us who you got it from and the exact name of the strain so people can find it if they want to try it. A link would be great.


I’ll start with Dragon Tongue Auto FEM CBD seeds I just finished growing. I got the seeds from @Sebring, but it looks like they are no longer available. Maybe he can chime in about whether he will be adding them back.

[Lab testing has shown some CBD ratio stability issues, so we’re working on inbreeding more consistency into it.]
CBD to THC: 20:1, 21% CBD, 1% or less THC
Profile: sweet, fruity flavor, followed by hints of ginger and undertones of pine
Maturity: 80 days
Yield: Moderate to High
Earth Lover is an F4 of Dinamed CBD auto. It offers moderately high CBD ideal for therapeutic users, with hints of sweet fruit and orange.


I really like how well they work for my joint pain, while NOT giving me couch lock.


I hated AC/DC, to be honest. Didn’t do anything good for me, made me grumpy, and didn’t taste great.

Harlequin, Harle-Tsu, and Dance Hall worked okay.

Sebring’s Patch Adams F2 are honestly the best working and best tasting I’ve tried so far.

I’m in the planning stages with a friend to do a run of CBD auto seeds I’ve collected since joining this site, hoping to find something that really stands out.


Cbd critical mass was awful. I don’t notice any benefit to cbd like they advertise. In the day we called these stains “shit that is not any good” but we didn’t have the marketing blitz cbd is enjoying.


Suver Haze was my go-to. Charlotte’s Sauce was pretty good too. I have bag seeds of both. I didn’t care for AC/DC, Therapy,
or Sour Space Candy really.


I grew a few CBD autos which I smoke for the occasional anxiety attack.

Dutch Passion CBD Compassion Lime - stony and sedating.
Cannatonic (non-auto) - similar to the DP.
Sweet Seeds Honey Peach CBD - mild and relaxing, very low THC with wonderful aromas.

Barney’s Farm CBD Lemon Potion - kind of racy for a CBD strain!


Ringos gift(Katie’s cut) that I’m currently growing from Humbolt Seed Society works really awesome for seizures, anxiety, stress, etc.
Valentine x is another good one which works really well for seizures which I discovered from a guy named Jason that owns a dispensary in Modesto California called jaydens journey. Now the seeds will if you want them you can get from pacific seed bank. I use these strains both for myself and especially for my son to control his seizures.


The older varieties like AC/DC, Nordle, and Cannatonic are all boring hemp tasting plants.

Some of the modern hybrids are more flavorful, I had a CBD Durban Poison from the dispensary that was pretty tasty.

My current favorite is Juanita la Lagrimosa by Reggae Seeds. A 1:1 variety that tastes of honey and flowers. I. Currently working on an auto version of it. I’ve been growing her since about 2015.


I’ve got a couple of those Juanita la Lagrimosa seeds wasn’t sure what there about not sure if mine are reg or fem.
Looks like my bud that’s got back issues is gonna get a couple Juanita seeds next time he visits . I’ll give them to him to try on your recommendation ReikoX.


Charlotte’s Angel, grown by @Meesh, made by ???
Blue Shark CBD, friend’s herb

The Charlotte’s Angel won the empty jar contest hands down this year. :thinking:



I think it was from royal dutch. I got it from @Esrgood4u


I agree the ringos gift is a great strain, it has a
really good flavor and smell for a CBD plant,


I have a high tolerance and I smoke all day, little bowls at a time, so I have a harder time noticing CBD benefits right away. Usually, I wake up wondering if it was the blend that gave me such a pleasant night’s sleep… I like blending CDB strains with high THC strains for benefits of both.

I like Sebring’s Revenge and it is really tasty and works well as a blend due to its cherry flavors.

I have a Perkins Cut bx(2?) from a friend. He did an open pollination from a 12 pack of the Perkin’s Cut bx: " Perkins Cut BX is Chematonic x Cannatonic #4, goes 8-9 weeks, and has a medium yield. From what I found on Google, Chematonic is Chem91 x Cannatonic. "

I have seeds from the sweet orange pheno as well as the other… I’m still studying it. But it’s a solid plant and smoke. It blends well, also.

I have other seeds I hope to grow this year. I’m testing some Afghan CBD x Black Afghani from USC and it’s a 1:1 right now with promise of a 2:1 version in the making, I’m still studying that one as well. I got 2 phenos that were very black oriented and one pheno that was a huge sativa like plant. They all had a strong Grape Soda smell… fake grape… This is one to keep an eye on.

I normally use them at night and I seem to sleep better but I really need to stay clean for a few days and check out the CBD strains on my every day activities. I just love smoking all of my other herb, too. heh.

Edit: I’m just coming back to my bag of Perkin’s cut bx and it smells of light orange and fresh hops on the crushed bud. It’s a solid smoke all on it’s on. More to come…


i bought a 15% CBD/0.5% THC strain (Treasure Island) from a medical LP here in Canada (Aphria) before legalization. It is my only experience with CBD, and smoking it did absolutely nothing for me.

I do have the pure CBD reg autoflowers that dana larsen gave away a couple years ago but i’ve never grown them out, maybe i will soon and try making CBD oil


Feminized by chance? If so, need a tester? :wink:

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I found smoking CBD is a waste of time and CBD, other than a quick relaxant, to get any real benefit from it I have to take it as an oil or edible, not smoke.

I have been using Sebings Revenge feminised seeds works very well for my inflammation and pain, the wife dog and cat like it too for their problems.

It’s reduced dramatically the cats seizures, the dog can walk and run again, still can’t jump up on the bed but is 1000% better. The wife gets great relief for her arthritis from it.


Not being a grammar nazi asking cuz I’m interested based on your results, is "settings revenge " the name or company, or was it a typo and meant to be "sebrings revenge " ? Curious as I make edibles for myself, occasionally my wife, the dogs and a couple of the cats. So always up for trying something new if it might help.

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I have tried and liked a strain called Hurkle (TGA/Subcool). High CBD, tasted great and helped with my CRPS nerve issue. I also tried and liked that Red Cherry Berry X Remedy strain I got from @cannabissequoia. It is a tasty one that helps with my CRPS hurts and deep shooting pain. Also helped with my back pain. I would recommend either.


Sorry frigging auto correct, Sebrings Revenge is the seed strain, highly recommend it. Available from Sebring on this site.


I thought it might be but wanted to make sure, thank you. I’ve heard alot of good things about sebrings seeds want to try em at some point.