Lucifer's Big Buddy auto co-op seed run - (CLOSED)

I am done with the fall '21 seeds co-op package. I received some strains with out sign ups. I don’t want to say who gets them and who doesn’t so here we go. For the Fall '22 box.

**Grower, breeder’ @repins12 **
!!Please note these are Auto reg per grower, they will be labeled reg!!
1 @DougDawson :canada:
2 @Kushking902 :canada:
3 @middleman :us:
4 @TopShelfTrees1 :canada:
5 @other_barry :us:
6 @misterbee :us:
7 @buckaroobonsai :us:
8 @HappyTrees23s :us:
9 @HeadyBearAdventures :us:
10 @cbizzle :us:
11 @Gpaw :canada:
12 @Tejas :us:
13 @Gizmo :us:
14 @SaintAliasKnife :us:
15 @chronix :canada:
16 @AceHigh :us:
17 @sprinklememaynee :canada:
18 @Floyd :canada:
19 @MrWizard :us:
20 @MBVapester :canada:
21 @redjimp :uk:
22 @Swe-can :sweden:
23 @invisible :australia:
24 @BeanBush :us:
25 @qtip :canada:
26 @Longtooth :us:
27 @NorthNorthNugs :canada:
28 @Indoornesian :us:
29 @Nagel420 :us:
30 @Brokehoe :us:
32 @Jinglepot :canada:
33 @Pawsfodocaws :us:
34 @Pigeonman :canada:
35 @Shadey :canada:
36 @CrunchBerries :us:
37 @BeagleZ :us:
38 @FattyRoots :australia:
39 @PetalPowerseed :us:
40. @moka :us:
41. @Emeraldgreen :us:
42. @potpotpot :us:
43. @BigMike55 :us:
44. @sprinklememaynee :canada:
45. @royal :canada:
46. @firehead
47. @SaintAliasKnife :us:
48. @DrGonzo13 :us:
49. @OGBohab :us:
50. @herojuana.tom :us:
51. @PlantShepherd :us:
52. @Jinglepot :canada:
53. @jessethestoner :canada:
54. @Greenfingers :us:
55. @Loggershands :canada:
56. @Dirtron
57. @ShiskaberrySavior :canada:
58. @Gman :us:
59. @Foreigner :canada:
60. @DJSF :us:
61. @Yetigrows :canada:
62. @Sincitytoker :us:
63. @PineTarBastard :us:
64. @Kabuddha :us:
65. @tresbundles :us:
66. @mainerj :us:
67. @other_barry :us:
68. @Northern_Loki :us:
69. @alwaysnoob :earth_asia:
70. @Maddawg :us:

Do not add numbers


  1. @thecrazster :us:
  2. @anhthormap :us:
  3. @Judsbuds :us:
  4. @503BudMan :us:
  5. @RandomCalyxDB0 :us:
  6. @OGTreeSlayer :us:
  7. @VPDisKey :us:
  8. @RedRock :us:
  9. @Needsomebeans :us:
  10. @donuchee :us:
  11. @pharmerfil :us:
  12. @Green_Light :us:
  13. @Orison :us:
  14. @Flex420 :eu:
  15. @Metz2 :us:
  16. @imstinky :us:
  17. @Tystick :us:
  18. @BRMTreefarmer :us:
  19. @Bobgrows :us:
  20. @Lithbaine :us:
  21. @FiveGar :us:
  22. @Cannasseur :canada:
  23. @Colby :canada:
  24. @Kcity87 :us:
  25. @Kasper0909 :us:
  26. @Juicyfruitman :us:
  27. @joecool :us
  28. @Dr.VitaminGreen :us:
  29. @Faithisyours :eu:
  30. @Zolorp :us:
  31. @Heavenlygoo :us:
  32. @Tao :us:
  33. @gratefulned :us:
  34. @No_chem :us:
  35. @Tracker :us:
  36. @laquiqa :us:
  37. @Carty :us:
  38. @JPiper :us:
  39. @THCeed :canada:
  40. @Danonly :us:
  41. @CanuckistanPete :canada:
  42. @msm187 :us:
  43. @alwaysnoob
  44. @Abbbian

Do not add numbers


Lucifer’s Big Buddy
Father was Bubble Gum auto, from Mark
Mother was Giant Devil XL
Auto Giant Devil XL | Linda Seeds

Auto Giant Devil XL cannabis seeds produce a vigorous, self-flowering cannabis plant that should be of particular interest to commercial growers.

Auto Giant Devil XL marijuana seeds provide plants with very high quality characteristics in every respect. This strain grows relatively tall and under good conditions can reach a height of 110 to 160cm. Expect a harvest of 650g/m² or more, with 12 plants under 600W.

If you want to grow the Auto Giant Devil XL Strain outdoors, we recommend sowing from the end of May until mid-June, but no later than the end of June! The hemp plants need about 10 weeks from germination to reach full maturity. If you grow Auto Giant Devil XL in the summer or midsummer period, you will achieve yields of up to 350g/plant.

The result is resinous, potent flowers with up to 20% THC and a slightly sweet Jack-Herer aroma. Simply Potty Delicious!

Flowering Time

8 - 10 weeks





Seed Type


extra large

Growth Area

THC Level

15 - 20 %


Big Devil #2 Auto x Jack Herer Auto


another one? Thanks @G-paS and @repins12


I was just pm’ing you to ask if I could copy your pm with the info to here, :grin:

Thank You!

:green_heart: :seedling:


There were five runs that didn’t have list and a couple more not packaged and I am trying to research and find info on them.

:green_heart: :seedling:


At this rate my Fall 2022 box is going to need to be delivered via freight! (Unintentional poetry)
Heady Bear love to you @G-paS for getting these out into the world, and to @repins12 for the info and labor of cultivating this cross!:heart::purple_heart::yellow_heart::green_heart::blue_heart::orange_heart:
Snagged number 9 again for ease of location


Are these regs? Also, thanks again @repins12 and G-paS! Loving the repins12 offerings!

Standing in line, #23 tl2
@G-paS and @repins12 thanks for doing this!
Edit: my tl increased, moved myself to tl3 spot 51

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Jumped in at #13 at TL2. Thanks @G-paS and @repins12 !

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#4 please :laughing:


Yes sir, they are reg’s


Thank you very much for doing this @G-paS and @repins12 !!


You guys are blowing my mind with all these options! My very first fall box is going to be EPIC! And I can’t thank everyone involved enough! Thank you @repins12 and a huge shout out to @G-paS for all the work you are putting in! Much much respect


Beauuuuuutiful, thanks champ!


click on the wiki at the bottom of the OP to add yourself. I got you

:green_heart: :seedling:

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Thanks to everyone involved in this :pray:


Wow! Again and again with some fire! Thanks @G-paS @repins12 and everyone else involved.


More goodies to the fall box like a kid in a candy store!

Thanks @repins12 for the donation and @G-paS for making it happen and getting them out.
Much :green_heart: guys and gals



Well I can’t thank you folks enough
@G-paS @repins12
Ty Ty Ty Ty for these opportunities
Very much appreciated

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Pulling up a chair for spot #19, appreciate you running this. It sounds AWESOME!

I will watch with baited breath…

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