Gold Star x Snow Lotus (CLOSED)

Bodhi Seeds - Gold Star (Sensi Star x Malawi) x Snow Lotus.

Any interest in the community for F2’s of Gold Star x Snow Lotus? I have quite a few seeds after only pollinating 8 or 10 flowering sites and was curious if there was a senior member of the forum that would take the lead in distributing seeds to those who want them? Unfortunately I don’t have any extra time to go about shipping them to all who want them, depending on the number of people interested, there are about 500 seeds total.

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I remember seeing the pictures of your grow in this thread that these beans came from. It was a most beastly and beautiful plant. I’m sure there will be lots of interest in those beans. I certainly am.

As for distribution, there’s lots of ways to go. For the US we have been using Sebring recently. And we have distributors for other locations as well. Personally I’ve done enough mailings now that I’d be interested in taking on a slightly bigger project like this to help out.

I’m sure there will be a decent response on this. I’ll see what others chime in with first. But most importantly, thanks for offering them up to our community!


I would be intrested for sure and thanks for wanting to share with the community…


I am in the US, these are a few pictures from the Gold Star x Snow Lotus I grew last year. Both females I grew out have been exceptionally beautiful plants. I popped five of the F2’s just to be sure they would germ and at least 3 are up so far.


W0owZa, those are absolutely gorgeous! :v: :peace_symbol: :star_struck: :yum:


@ElGalloBlanco SHE IS AMAZING !!


As schmarpit said, sebring is probably the guy you want to get in touch with.


Thanks everyone! @schmarmpit took the lead on this and I am sure there will be info upcoming on how the seeds will be redistributed.


I am going to receive the beans, split them up into 10’s, and package them up. After I have a final number of packs I’ll start a sign-up thread, most likely new style, level 2 minimum, etc. Then I’ll get them over to Sebring for distribution for whenever the next seed run goes out.

I’d mail them out personally but I don’t want to collect everyone’s private shipping info. We already have channels in place for that. If @LemonadeJoe or other mod wants to come in here, split this Gold Star x SL discussion out of Bodhi plant thread and turn it into a seed run sign-up, that would be a helpful start!


It is done… first post wikified… Let me know if you need more help.


Love it !! Sign me up for one @schmarmpit :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::v::pray:

And thank you @ElGalloBlanco for your generosity

And thank you @LemonadeJoe being fast as always !


I’d love to get in on this too. The plants look beautiful @ElGalloBlanco! :star_struck:


A few from shots of this year’s plant (the mom), sorry to those that have seen them already…


I would like this as my Christmas tree please.


Looks amazing! Thanks for sharing!


This is the only photo I have of the male used. Only kept him in a 7 gallon with minimal water and he trucked right along. Kept topping him to limit height and number of flowering branches.


Man those are beasts!! Nice job!

And thank you very much for your generosity :slight_smile:


Thanks for the quick service @LemonadeJoe!!


I was looking for some info on this cross and I ran across this post on another site. :grinning: It’s by our very generous OP, and features some pictures of one of these girls at 11-12 weeks. @ElGalloBlanco, is this one last year’s plant?

That’s a great looking plant man. :grinning: Thanks so much for sharing these with us, Im totally stoked. You’re OG all the way man. :vulcan_salute:


Sweeet!!! Thanks bro! This is very awesome of you to give back.