Madagascar Zamala


Tiny seeds collected in South from Betroka areas.

Are starting…



Positive vibes @Roms!


That’s a beautiful seed map :kissing_heart:, that country can only give good things, left Africa to search for his own destiny, following along … beer3|nullxnull


very nice to see this, ill be keeping an eye on this one!!


Very cool @Roms always look forward to watching you work


A friend bring me back 19seeds of Madagascar few days ago, he said that he found 3 types of quality there :

1/ skunk and modern hybrids like good product around 10e/g,

2/ lower quality hybrids around 7e/g

3/ and really cheap local seeded weed.

The seeds he brought me back are of 3rd quality, and are really big and round compared to anything else in my seed box ≈ 0,5cm/0,4cm, except my Laos Muang Sing from Khalifa Genetics who are similar.

In comparison my Himalayan wild seeds are ≈ 0,3cm/0,25cm.

I will post pics if I crack/grow them and perhaps do an open pollination preservation run if they deserves it…



Thank you Tejas! :slightly_smiling_face:

Good vibes George cheers!

@blendmedmedman @TopShelfTrees1 Thanks guys!

@Bro Good luck bro, mines are especially small and similar to Swazi Red that are the smallest that i know.

Germ rate is around 60% with like 30% that looks good and healthy. Pretty low results but not surprising from landrace, the germination as first step of selection! ^^

Here’s the four first sprouted ones :


wow these look good!
imho mustafunk DID report a Zamal semi-autoflower, so why should it be impossible these are
auto? i have hope pressing thumbs… sometimes with rootbound.

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Automatic flowering comes from ruderalis transformation at high latitude so totally off in tropicals or equatorials situation. That’s the theory but in practice and with unatural stress like 18/6 for pure sativa old motherplant some pistils can appear like resilience.

Anyway off-topic so please no more discussion about that here!

looking forward to seeing these rare seeds grow !

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Welcome @royal enjoy

In situ :


From Autronesians move very long time ago…





Well so from all seeds at start i have now only 19, another half dozen sprouted good but i deleted them because too sick or mutant!

Here’s 2 that i keep with un’ and nice polyploid

Two more that are ok clean and down right 1 of 6 Thai Stick that i play with for first Malagasy hybridiz game, parallel Mada Stick F1 project so, Dedicace to Kagyu and Coastal Seed Co.

(Sorry for the yellowi pics but can’t do better, the cobb led spectrum prevents).


Peppers and litchi in the hand of one of my best girlfriends, Malagasy, upper my bed ^^


Been down a rabbit hole of Madagascaran history. Archaeological evidence suggests humans were actively hunting elephant birds 10, 500 years ago. Though that is debated due to possible contamination by “old carbon”, its interesting it was in such a prime location and austronesians appear to be the first widespread migrants to the area. Relatively late to the game considering where else we spread out to.

Has me wondering what islands are between Malaysia and Madagascar.


Hi Jesse’ you know the time erase almost everything and our history and civilizations must be really older than we can imagine. So arrival of Austronesian oral culture in Madagascar can be really older than 2200 before present like cannabis pollen fossil found suggest. Anyway those fossil pollen datas are probably one of the best notion about antic, proto, and prehistory of human moves. Peace

From Tritrivakely lake, Ankaratra highlands area. Same kind of biotop in Betroka where the seeds i work with probably come from.


yes that’s 10000% true Roms. good point. Madagascar (and other places) seem to have such an early history of human habitation if carbon dates are accurate that it seems to have had several waves of migration, who knows when it began and the reason the austronesian cultural group became so dominant. They might have conquered, integrated with or just came after earlier groups died off because of lack of breeding populations

The word civilization and history are also loaded terms. Australian indigenous groups have stories about arriving in australia and how they encountered megafauna that soon died off, but are only just entering into being accepted as a type of history outside written language. Civilization is especially kind of a bullshit term imo. Did our earliest ancestors have a civilization? At what point can we say culture and civilization began? who gets the authority to designate such things?