Malware detected on seedbank webpage

I had no idea where to post this question. @LemonadeJoe or anyone who has some computer knowledge. I wanted to go to Great Lakes Genetics and when I go to the page my Bitdefender blocks it for malware. Below is what it says. Do we have to worry about malware on these seed websites? What should I do?

Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools blocked this page

The page you are trying to access contains malware.

Detected malware: JS:Trojan.Cryxos.2870
Access from your browser has been blocked.


Could be false flag, but without closer investigation I’m not able to tell. Definitely that is something that should be of concern to the site owner. I’d suggest to contact them by email and attaching screenshot of this warning.


I’m using Bitdefender . I just went to GLG s site I didn’t get any warnings .


are you using http instead of https? it could have been false positive, is bitdefender still flagging it?

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Yeah it mush have been a false positive. I should have posted something.

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