Mars tws2000 comparable to hps 600? Or best LED for flowering?

Just seeking info what light it is close to. And maybe a side by side .pictures and results. fellow users that would Speak on this. Thanks for any info


Comparable to a 600w hps no not really, the tsw2000 would be good light for say a 3x3 though, what size space are you running ?

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Lmao…u hit it right on…3X3. What light would you say is close to that… The 3000watt version of mars…or the 4000watt light Maxisun has @Mr.Sparkle
What about this

Well if filling a 3x3 yeah that tsw2000 would work, don’t know anything about the above pics as no link though looking at “maxsisun” site there lights just look like standard generic Chinese current offerings no different than marshydro or spidarfamer, though they don’t have that light above, anyways figure that you’ll want probably at least 30-35watts min a sqft of light from those and thats actual rated power from the wall not there bs naming.


I got the ts3000 in my 4x4 tent and its great during veg but doesnt have the stretch you get in flower… I would say mine is close to a 600w hps though. I would say check out the diy thread for led lights, you can make your own quantum board for less then a 1000w hps these days

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Just trying to get some of in sight on all these LEDs. I have the mars tws2000. Trying to upgrade to get something close to 1000w hps. seen this but not really no review. Says 600watt output…

I have good results using a mars TS at 37.5w per sq ft

Well that’s great info. Trying to get my maters plumb. And fat ,not airy :joy:

For coverage 2 smaller led lights would work better than one big one, IMHO.