Method to produce dry sift

Whats the best way to produce dry sift? Is a tumbler the best way to go?

I trimmed a bunch of nugs over a 150 mesh screen and the pollen underneath was a nice tan color. then ground up some nugs and tried sifting them in a pollen box with a 100 mesh screen.

This pollen looks much greener, not as golden as the trim pollen, even though the mesh was finer.

How ‘dry’ is dry enough, I read somewhere that you want to dry it for 4 months before sifting. Based on the above experiment whole nugs will yield better pollen than if you grind it up, maybe a 70 mesh can get rid of most of the green stuff?


The best dry sift ever I produced is from a Trim bin with some GSC thin mints in the cold of the mountains in December. they are equipped with a 160micron screen…

I would say the Cold and moisture are key, then is very important to NEVER touch too much the stuff you are sieving, don’t crumble, don’t even smash it gently with your hand, nothing, let it just move very delicately on the screen like when you drop some oil on your cooking pan and then rotate the pan to spread the oil around…thats the movement…slow…gentle…and thats why I didn’t like to much the tumbler because it shakes it way to much…

I tried the tumbler with dry ice and came out very green and low grade…the only advantage is that allows you to process bigger quantity but like always, quantity is against quality…then u have to clean it up

So I would say
Lowest temperatures you can get
Let the material very gently move on your screen without any pressure or smashing with your hands
Also right before sieving let the material get some moisture, not too much but a little bit to avoid vegetal dust and debris to crumble…
AAAAAAnd last but not least as usual…the genetic…usually I never got nothing exciting from sativa leaning hybrids…cristals are tooo small…best full melt I did was from GSC, OGs, Sour diesels…
Good sieving!!!:peace:


Thanks for that, helpful info.

I sifted some frozen nugs today and got about a gram, pressed it in a 25 micron bag and got this oil that flies apart like glass, literal ‘shatter’. For someone not familiar with how extract behaves, this could be a bad time to get off the parchment.

I had to scrape it up into a fine golden dust, there was some stuck to the blade so I kissed it with a flame, it turned to goo and I quickly pickup the dust with the goo. kiss again to goo and onto a dab pick. worked well.

I don’t really want to smoke anything else but dry sift rosin now, big boi problems :grin:


My lazy way of getting dry sift is I’ll throw my dry trim in a 90 micron bubble bag and shake over a mirror or glass table. No dry ice or anything just shake … The longer you shake the lower the quality will get…

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120micron bubble bag w dry ice.

The less time u shake, the purer the final product.

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:thinking: …what about:

tumble or shake as long as you want/can with dry ice
run resulting material through icewater sieves?

(have been wondering about this for a while since eeing the lower grade/higher volume in less time from the dry ice method)



I use the bowl method 100 micron over steel bowl pieceof plastic bungee and tap like a drum lightly bu I’m collecting trich’s I guess making old school hash you mentionedpollen I don’t know if we arē talking about the same thing for pollen I use a clean grinder with kief screen

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