Mimir's F.B.S.C runs- Beanz, Beanz the magical fruit

Down for the show, hope you have better luck with the rest of the grow :v::v::v:


So they were kinda mutant for a while there but seem to be evening out somewhat. Although its still a little visible… There has been no uniformity with these two… One side huge other tiny… If you pick em up and look from the side they look like clones :joy: but as i said they are doing a lil better


How’s this one going mi amigo?

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Apologies life kinda kicked me in the nutz recently and had me busy.
Just about to feed will try to update in a bit once it perks back up a lil

They have a lot of stretch to them.
This girl is showing some fem preflowers

And this is looking like a guy

The male has a really gassy smell while the fem is a bit more subdued.


It looks like one of each so im gonna take a few clones of the female to maximize the amount of seeds obtained.

Also these are being grown in a diy soil consisting of
Pro mix bx
Worm castings
Bat guano(n)
Sea bird guano§
Potassium sulfate
Root zone benificials
With gen organics line for any deficiencies that pop up


Looking good my bro ! Life get’s in the way often, glad ur still cruisin’ this one ~

Running a few of Snow’s lines there is some mutations to veg through; Some very hard ones…

Also irrelevant to this line but somewhat similar; with some Oaxacan the first few true leaves are wrinkled and burned looking depending on how inbred the line is. Tough plants mi compa

But then I don’t know if you would consider it inbred? Those plants self pollinate around week 14 so it gets tricky

For future reference * I found many of them like 2 be started in natural sunlight and slowly adjusted 2 LED or HID


Thats good to know.
I gotta definitely go through the info on the freakers threads for better practices on growing out landraces before my next run.
Although i may buy some myself for my next run. I felt horrible when i only ended up with 2 that sprouted.