RSC Iranian Freaker's Ball Preservation Run

Hey Overgrow!

Thecurtainwith here. Wanted to start this thread to introduce all you fine folks to the variety that I’ll be preserving for my first FBSC preservation run of the year. My primary goal with this open pollination seed increase is exactly that- to preserve the maximum genetic diversity within these seeds and make as many seeds as possible!

The RSC Iranian sounds like some cool stuff based on the description off Angus’ website.

Here’s a link: Iranian - The Real Seed Company - Iranian Landrace Cannabis Seeds

These seeds were donated to this effort by our own generous and knowledgable @Upstate ! Let’s give him a hand folks- he’s a real one. Here’s his two cents on this line:
“This collection is near to the border with Afghanistan, but it is still hundreds of miles from the main hash producing region near Mazar. This collection is from closer to the Iranian gene pool than it is to The Afghani gene pool, but being that the Afghani gene pool is more popular, I’m guessing it’s going to be a nice mix of the two.”

Seeds were popped yesterday at around 9pm, put them in a glass of room temperature water,. After a 24 hour soak, I placed them in moist paper towels in a loosely covered Tupperware container. Tomorrow morning, I’ll check in and see if they’ve cracked. I’ll keep regular updates going during the germination process, and check in at least once a week throughout the whole cycle. I plan to hopefully find some good parents to take clones off of and keep around for line breeding in the future.

Here’s some pictures of these beautiful beans:
image ![image|375x500](upload://8rimage !!

Grab a chair, roll one up, and stick around for the ride!

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I think I will pull up a chair for this one.


I’ll be watching this for sure!


I’ve been looking forward to this one. This collection came from an area in Iran where the Growers collect seeds off their favorite plants each year, rather than just collecting at random. I’m hoping there’s some new terpene profiles in edition to the whopper yield. Thanks @thecurtainwith for doing this!


All right man! An excellent choice for a preservation!! Chair pulled up, doobie rolled.


My chair is pulled :sunglasses:


I’ll be the weird guy in the back with the note :spiral_notepad:!!!


I’ll be the other weird guy in the back taking notes… :star_struck:



I’ve tripped over soooooooo many fine people (except for that guy wit da guitar…just kidding, @Guitarzan!!!) trying to make it to that far right corner. Y’all kept this baby pretty much out of the headlines. You don’t need it, but am certainly wishing you continued success, stay safe, take special care, and be well…mister :honeybee: :100: :pray: :heart_eyes: NOTE: NO highjacking attempt, but have been gifted a pack of RKS!!! Anyone planning on a documented Preservation Run this Fall/Winter, hit me up!!! :100:


Color me very curious. Thank you @thecurtainwith. This is a very interesting project. Following this thread.

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Beans are in the dirt! Saw tails on 9/12 of them after a few days in the paper towels and figured it was time. They’re chillin in the basement now along with some other fun stuff (RSC kumaoni, AKBB ‘89NL, rhubarb wine x X18… but I’ve got got another log going for all those)

I’m stoked to see what happens next! These beans were super responsive so I imagine this is gonna be a vigorous line.

And now for the least exciting picture you’ll see in this thread lol


I grew these out in my last grow and made a few crosses. Definitely a hearty yield and unique terps. Will be watching this one as well, good luck!


You just made my day with that comment :grin: happy to have you along for the ride! What’d you end up crossing it with? One of my hopes for this one is to find a good male to hit to my Michoacán.

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I was just about to post requesting testers because I have some preservations runs before I get around to them. I pollinated two females, the short and bushy indica pheno(minty, eucalyptus, earthy, and musky with minimal sweetness) was crossed with a mutant (but very healthy) Columbian Gold male. The tall sativa pheno (Savory/eucalyptus smell at first but cured to a mild earthy/garlicky/body odor smell, the taste was of some unidentifiable fruit with earthy/garlicky undertones) was pollinated by my (Congo x Moroccan Hash)x(Maui Waui x Congo)


Oh shit dude that Colombian gold cross sounds heavenly :drooling_face::drooling_face:
Wish I could volunteer to test but I got my hands full atm lol, would love to see some pics when you grow em out!


Yeah, no worries. Gonna work it for a generation or two anyway so it’ll be around, I’ll get some pics on here. I like the sound of your potential cross with the Michoacán as well. I’d be willing to trade some of my Columbian gold cross for that. Either way, I’ll be in this thread :eyes::eyes:


Hmmm… that’s a trade I’d love to see happen :grin::seedling: I’ll keep you updated as the whole thing progresses. Popping some new Michoacán beans sometime next month so hopefully gonna have a first gen cross done by December depending on how much I have to work the Iranian.
Happy to have you along for the ride!