Mr Nice seeds to trade

Salutations OG

As some of you know, I am a huge fan of Mr Nice Seeds and Shantibaba (as well as the late, Great Nevil) but these days I find myself passing over their work in order to pursue my own projects(some of which started with their seeds) or projects friends are working on… so, I am thinking of putting the following seeds on the trading block. These are as old as 2015 (will date each item) and have all been purchased directly from Mr Nice- no breeder packs as MNS ships in a stealth fashion when ordered direct or auction.
All stored in containers within glass jars in my fridge.

I am interested in anything in the chem, OG, cookie or haze realm… amongst others… but I do have specific interests so please do not be offended if I decline a trade.

Available to trade:
-Early Skunk (2016) 11 seeds
-Critical Mass (2015) 13 seeds
-Master Kush Skunk (2016) 17+ seeds
-Shark Shock (2016) 12 seeds

remaining seeds currently all spoken for will remove as they ship out.

I also have a lot of other MNS stuff that I am not ready to part with voluntarily, but if you ask and I have it (unlisted above) maybe we can still work it out.

C’mon don’t be shy- don’t let these seeds die a quiet death in my fridge

Inquire here or by pm, your choice.

Stay hazed


Editing original post to reflect seeds that have gone.


So basically whsts going on here in short is these are the varietals that aren’t worth a damn for you!!

Now i know which ones not to buy from the auctions!!!

Thanks Jake


Lmao I guess that’s one way to spin it.
We all only have so many flower cycles on this earth and I’ve chosen to devote those to other varieties than those listed above. There’s a reason I bought them in the first place, ya know. :wink:


One man’s trash is another man’s treasure and all that. I guarantee someone out there is wanting these strains.


will trade some bog sour bubble for the critical mass if interested ?


Sure I would be interested in that trade, have heard good things about the Sour Bubble.


New to personal home growing looking for some good strains last couple where not bad seeds out of Cali don’t now what strains the were I would be will to get some of you seeds strains new to growing so don’t now what to offer to trade you. Really interested so pm if you can


For sure. I just started doing the mr nice auction thing. Im buying a grip to jold on to.

Im going after a bunch of land race stuff too. Something about this possible nwo economic reset got frickin hoarding atm…lmfao…dollar might just go to shit never know…@blowingupjake what strains would you consider for someone who’s new to this sort of thing…any msn strains put out diesel phenos?
Lime? Fruity?


I found lime stuff in Skunk Haze, a practical (easy to grow) critical haze was very fruity. I’ve also come across diesely aromas in the Z series stuff, but it’s kind of in the background.



An established member is offering high quality seeds for trade, rather than let them get old. You want to make that ugly? Sounds like you may have gotten your training on another site.

Not how we do things here.

Edit: my apologies if I missed humor. If BUJ got the joke, I’m good with that.


Right… That was my thought too…

Nothing wrong with anything here. Definitely some good beans and @Blowingupjake is very reputable and great to deal with. I already did a trade for some of these without any issues whatsoever, very pleased. :slight_smile:


I appreciate the support guys, thank you.
I would just like to say that I thought @flexnerb was having a bit of a joke-jab and I didn’t take it with any offense. It’s all gravy.


What up Blow, just joined OG ( I wonder how they got to use the name) I remember the day when the REAL OG was shut down. I grew up in the 70’s when the weed was truly better. You basically had 4 strains to grow in the US back then. Purple, Skunk/Kush, Early bud, and Big bud ! I got stories bruh I’m high !! ! Hope all is well with you. Yeah, I have a ghost train haze F/ blue dream M) Blue Ghost F1, that is very stable, heavy yielder. GTH is a hit or miss strain IMO. I luckily had a good one. I’ve grown it out for a couple years (100 plants). Talk is cheap bruh…he,he. Get a hold of me and we can talk. Later, Chubbs


This is the old OG back man!! Welcome back!!


This important stuff to know about any seed traders,or for that matter, growers too ! Just joined today and the first person I talked to was Blow ! FUNNY !! Happy growin

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What up Badge . You must be from Iowa ? Can we sell seeds on OG, or just trade ? I’m not a computer dude AT ALL ! later

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No, I’m a more southernly badger. Trade I believe. Welcome to OG!!

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Selling is allowed but you’ll need something special (See BogSeeds, Baudelaire, SamwellBB, ToddMcC, etc.) to compete with the freebies, gifting, preservation runs and easy trades.


I just wondered . Tradin works for me. I’m not a “breeder,” but I had this superior Ghost Train Haze strain back in 2007 and a high yielding Blue Dream seed that was a male, so I let them do their thing. I got so many seeds you would freak out. The seeds weighed over 12 z. If you can let the plants go till Oct. 15-30 or later, it really brings out the Haze genos. Kinda important…ha,ha,ha . Later