Ms' deep water culture/12 plant ebb and flow grow

growing either 7xdouble bubble berry or 5x purple candy and 2x double bubble berry for my 5x5 tent with dwc, I ordered clones from sun clones for my 2x4 ebb and flo, 12x chocolate hash berry I think. little afraid cause I spent 110$ (12$ tip) on clones and last time they sent me a clone with thrips, hopefully they change their tune =/

seeds are coming from attitude and they take forever sometimes lol I spent like 60$ on shipping this time lol :: coming Wednesday

nutes: flora nova grow/bloom, floralicious plus, liquid kool bloom, lotus and other rooting compound, hum bolts flower stacker, hum bolts secret sweet and sticky, 3x bottles of cal mag lol, armor si, terpinator, big bud, bud candy, gh ripen, purpinator and flower fuel

light is a 500$ led light, sucks compared to my last one but this one won’t blow out on me

the only think not on the flora nova feeding chart is big bud and bud candy but they should be compatible with flora nova and the line of nutes it uses, first time using term/purpinator and humbolt nutes.

im a huge fan of flora nova since it buffers ph to 7.0 if you add it last, and I have a spare 2x4 tent for drying I need to setup


Got any pix?


none yet, got bit of the lazies from my antipsychotics

my dwc 8 site comes in on Wednesday and I have like 400$ worth of nutes

I currently have some underfed autos that are organic, bubba kush and Pineapple Express.

I ordered 12 unrooted clones from sun clone, last time I got a package with thrips but this round im going to dip them in neem before planting in a rooter plug with my 2x4 ebb and flow on constant flood for 10-14 days

I have one chronic plant growing in my chamber, It looks like a new beginning, since I fucked up the nutes on the autos

when I get my seeds in a few weeks the grow can go on, 12 clones in one chamber, and 7 dwc in a 5x5 tent with a 500$ led light

Still setting everything up, got 12xcritical+ from sun clone cloning in my ebb and flow table

Still setting things up, seeds should be here by the end of the month if customs doesn’t score it

Got 12x critical + from sun clone, they seem clean, small branches help rooting

The small seedling is chronic (a new beginning) intended to be a mother plant, ordering more for a seed to harvest grow

(I ordered unrooted)


Gave the plants some mycorrhiza supplement and some more organic nutes, planning on feeding until chop

The chronic doubled by 50% about the rest bulked up, was worried since the water was thick from the measuring in the spoon included with the mycorrhiza powder, added initial guano too

The Sativa is pine apple express and it’s going to a friend for sale


just want to mention im using some experimental techniques, such as adding mycorrhiza late into bloom, and guano/lime/mycorrizah to seedlings

I also just poured in a little flora nova bloom, armor si (p. silicate) and rapid start to my unrooted clones 2x4 sog rez, they’re perking up but could burn out. I think last time I fed unrooted clones flora nova it helped rooting and bringing more vigor to my plants

floranova has a ph buffer so ph turns to ph7

I think the clones sun clone sent me has pm, seeing little dots but it could be dust, im ready to hibernate the dog until I get a mother plant and 7 photoperiod plants like bubbleberry or nirvana b52

also my dwc came in the mail, id make one myself but, meds have taken their toll on me

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started to get minor burning from nutes, maybe something special was done last time, think I waited for them to root

but I have 12 critical + from sun clone rooting in their 4x4 cubes on my 2x4 flood table on flood, hoping to see roots by the 14th

I also scored an ac for my small room, 5k btu and it cools down all my tents when they take air in, had to crank up my lights to make sure the clones didn’t go into shock

also I used this to make 2 auto flowers im growing for fun →

I put a scoop of the included spoon, the big part, and put it in 1gal water, I didn’t stir so it came out thick and gooey so I left them to die, checked 2 hours later the bubba kush auto’s nuts were rounder and this Pineapple Express auto started fattening up, ymmv

and yeah, if you want cold air, just prop up a table next to a window (be sure to use books to level empty space and height) with an ac from Lowes or Home Depot, they deliver same or next day free, and cover the excess in the window hole with boxes or styrofoam, or towels so hot air doesnt come in. and new acs take a while to kick in their frost

so if you’re reading, no go on adding chemicals to unrooted clones, they’ll burn

Updates, did some pruning, the Pineapple Express is frosty

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Long story short I have to pay some money to an uncle so he can build me a small house on his farm and yeah still saving up, basically someone’s been drugging my plants and I think it happens at night

But here’s my chronic plant, 1 more week and I can clone for my sog setup

And I just want to say hydrogen peroxide is an algae rapist lol

This is an organic chronic plant and when soil comes in I’ll do organics with seeds, I can’t figure out how to deal with flushing large dwc plants without moving the entire plant

And the clones were from sun clones, took 3 weeks to root

Anyways, here’s some pics , sorry if I acted odd on the the last thread, just dealing with fucking drama

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