My Hunt Begins for Bu-Cocky

I’m hunting for some Genetics for this crazy strain i want to make called OGBC 4 Year Plan

Pollen or seeds

Colombian Gold
Jack Herer
Dalai Lama By: Rebel Grown

Divorce Cake
Wedding Cake
Blue Dream
Goji OG
Marionberry By: Bull Dog Farms

The Hog

i know terps mostly play a roll as labeling everything

Indica / hybrid / sativa
Really doesn’t count as the terps do.
So basically im taking all of the sativa line up bringing them all together to breed into hopefully a nice F2 of everything strong and healthy then same goes for hybrid making the F2 and taking both F2 to make that F1 and just breeding them until they create a master piece.

^^^^^basically i am on the vision of making this but not El Niño part as i dont have access to the air ways like that lol


Very nice line up I’ll tag along

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That’s gonna be one confused plant lol which particular terps are you trying to lockdown or are you trying to create a plant that produces phenos of every terp you like?


Not ragging, but, let me see the finished product in, say…10 years!!! You’ve got your work cut out. Best of luck. SS/BW.


My dream is to make that 40% come true and the craziest Entourage effects something that has high terps of everything


Antiseptic / appetite strain
Energetic strain
Sleep strain
bronchial dilator… Strain mostly all pinene

Take all strains high in one terp bring them all together and basically when that’s complete start making the entourage effect between the rest of them…

Current :
Black domina x jabberwocky x Dutch treat
Crackle berry x Black domina x jabberwocky
Crackle berry x skunk91

Beans In the works :muscle:
Why u gelly - sol fire gardens
Jungle spice #4 pink vial - @lefthandseeds
Low land afgan - @lefthandseeds
Sunshine daydream - bodhi

I’d like to collaborate with someone out here on the east tho and I think 4 years if I had enough space but looks like pollen collectors out there are my best bet instead of popping 200 seeds…


Really not trying to throw a stick in your spokes but I don’t think your gonna be able to stack all those terps in one plant and if you do I think their individual percentages would drop so low that the individual effects of each of them would no longer be present and if it was possible I believe breeders or pharmaceutical companies would have already done it
If you were able to stack all of the medical positives of all types of cannabis into one plant well you would be bill gates rich or Jeffery epstein dead

Also how does combing an energetic and sleep strain work

I think your best hope for this masterful blend of terpenes is to combine finished buds from different plants into one joint :v:

Sorry if I’m an idiot and this is going over my head but I read it 3 times and I’ve been wrong before (autoflowers, cbd) but this doesn’t seem like a good idea the pure amount of variation and instability combing so many different things you could be right and end up with a dream plant but I think more likely hermie mids


well usually hybrids are the sleepy x energy but who knows I am no master grower just a conspiracy theory of how G13 was made was supposed government program where they had taken cuts of 13 of the best plants across the world and breed them together if that’s at all true i think maybe just maybe its a possibility in making the famous Bu-Cocky formulation who knows what all the strains together would taste like but i believe with all them blended should be hell of a ride whole lot of emotions lol

btw : bill gates rich or Jeffery epstein dead :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy: :rofl: @TheShowMeHomie


I’ve always imagined g-13 being it’s pot number in a large university of Mississippi grow row g pot 13

I’ve read the same stories as you but having grown g13hp it’s so classic indica I would say if they took 13 different plants and combined them to make it they used similar indica plants


i never grew g13 I could only imagine how nice it smells… but yeah mostly the hunt is to do a full sativa and full hybrid indica will remain indica

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G13HP is mentolated to me


I can help you with the Tangie soon. I’m gonna be poppin 12 regs here in a month or so, you can have either pollen or I can send you a clone of my best male. Whichever you prefer. Also I have 3 Jack Herer fems left. Best of luck to ya :sunglasses:


great name LOL

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@TheShowMeHomie can you send a air samples? Lol

@parkerspurps yes for sure! I’ll be shooting a message to ya !



As google just told me my spelling of this strain. My spelling was incorrect… As bukkake is the way I was trying to say it lol :thinking:

No air samples lol but I do send cuts if you have the ability to root and you show me that you grow first


Ok let’s see some plants growing that’s what we’re here for lol

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Bucket left deep chunk
Back left crackle berry
Right low land afgan

Btw I been dealing with a bit of a pest issue thrips and nats … So someone else been enjoying the nutes smh didn’t want to post my sad girls lol


Hay my friend if you don’t have issues your not growing there’s always something going on never a perfect grow just keep going and learn from all that the plants throw at you
Good job :+1:


@Papalag Thank you ! Trying peroxide bath on all the coco and baking it up after in the oven hopefully they will all be completely roasted away! Just waiting on the 3 last pots to strain through there soil all the roots and blast em critters !


Where did you get your coco ? Some stores keep things outside and would be prone to bugs
How do you store it ?
You can bake small amounts in the oven to kill the little buggers
Try a top layer of sand most bugs don’t like it