Nano pheno hunt: Double G

First thread on OG, thanks for having me!

I finished my newest model of my grow cabinet this fall and have given a few test runs with it, but now i’m doing my first full-pack pheno hunt in it. I chose some beans I picked up from @Farmerjoe420 on IG: Double G. A G13 x G13HP that really interested me, mostly because it seems like it would be pretty stable, somewhat of a backcross or an incross depending on where the G13 came from.

10/10 seeds sprouted over thanksgiving weekend in just a few days, but I lost one, probably because I was stupid, so I’ve got 9 plants going in solo cups. I grow in soil in solo cups and other small containers so a plant that can handle being rootbound is a must for me. Also really watching out for the stretch since my cabinets are not that tall.

Anyway, here’s some pics

Seedlings started in a 1x1x2 cabinet

Moved to the bigger cabinet I talked about

And in solo cups for 1 week now.

And now we’re caught up! Waiting on cuttings to root before I flip the cabinet to 12/12. I’m planning on letting these plants do a little open-pollination to get some extra F2’s out of it for myself in case anything happens. I almost always try to back up my plants in seed form since I’ve lost whole grows to pm, mites, and negligence before.


Welcome to overgrow @q3corn
Genetics sound awesome!


Thanks! I’m excited to see what they turn out like. I haven’t seen anything online about these aside from Joe’s pics of the G13.


This is great! I picked up a pack of these and I’ve been super curious to see how they run. Thanks for starting a log.


Awesome, I’ll pull up a chair! Been wanting to find something closer to pure G13 and this looks like a good candidate. Nice job so far!


Hey @q3corn, welcome to Overgrow!

This looks very interesting, I’m parking myself on the couch and load a bong. :couch_and_lamp: :sunglasses: :+1:



Man, I see my corner is already occupied!!! I’ll just stand near the window, watch for someone falling asleep. I must say, your plants look LOVELY!!! Continued success is your Destiny, for true. Do enjoy a pleasant week, stay EXTRA safe and as I ALWAYS say, be well…mister :honeybee: :100: :pray: :heart_eyes:


Thanks for the welcome everybody! You sure know how to make a guy blush :blush:

That last picture isn’t actually the most updated, it’s actually almost 2 weeks old. Here’s the double g plants today, roughly 12 weeks from sprout:

and now we’re up to date. First set of clones didn’t root (too wet), so I took a cut from every plant a week ago.


5 out of 9 clones are showing roots! Getting close! Here’s the full plants today. I’m gonna keep them in solo cups til they show sex, and repot the females into larger containers.


After 14 days in the dome, all 9 clones are now showing roots!

The plants are gonna get flipped to flower tonight. When the males show themsleves I’ll trim them down to just small branches and let them release some pollen for a few days. Females will get repotted out of the solo cups and into larger containers, most likely 1-liters.


Here’s the main plants now, finally getting flipped. This was getting a little close in headspace, but I didn’t want to top the branches too soon before flipping to flower. I’m hoping for at least 3 males so I can have some space to train in here without having to trim anyone back. They’re about 12" from the light right now, and if they double in height they’ll be about 5" from the light, which is probably closer than I’d like, so I’d need room to train or supercrop.

Light is still at only about 60% power, too. That’s cool. This is my first run with it and I’m impressed so far. Series 2+ 65w from budgetLED. I think they’re discontinuing this light but I’m happy I got it. It’s comparable to an HLG65 but this has a driver that has a full dimming range, so I can realistically use it in such a small space.


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I’m pulling a chair up. Hashplant is a winner.
Nice plants. :grinning:


Glad to see you over here. Love the cabinet!!!


Thanks buddy! Nice group of people here, I like it :slight_smile:

It looks like my eyeball measurements are a bit off. The tallest plants in here are about 9" away from the light source. Whoops! So if any of these tall ones are female I’ll almost definitely have to do some supercropping. I do think that the tall ones are the males in the group, though, it seems like the dudes tend to just be taller from the start.

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Day 4 of 12/12 and I’m just barely able to see some preflowers showing on some of these babies. Too early still to tell sex. I’ve got them organized by height, shortest in the back-left tallest in the front-right. They’re fairly uniform and there’s really only 2 expressions, one is a thicker branching shorter bushier plant, and the other is slightly taller, less bushy and less branchy. Leaves are fairly uniform between these plants. Taller ones are definitely hungrier, too, that’s why they’re a little more pale. I haven’t caught up with their feeding needs.

I trimmed up some lower growth to allow for airflow and prevent anything from getting blocked from the light. Really hoping they don’t stretch too too much, but it’s looking like at least a few will need to get bent over.


Very nice. Looking good. Very healthy looking plants.


10 days into flower and it looks like I’ve got 7 females and 2 males! I’m gonna wait a few more days to be sure they’re all who they say they are, then I’ll trim the males back a bunch and repot the females.

Stretch doesn’t seem too intense, and some of them on the left have stayed really short and bushy. The 2 males are on the right side and actually look very similar, one of them just has a few more shoots from where the plant was topped.

Nothin’ but leafy grassy vegetative smells so far. Looking forward to the next 2 months :slight_smile:


:muscle: one of the things the G is known for.


Down to watch this unfold :partying_face::partying_face:
I got some G13HP88 from Bare awhile back would love to get a sense of growth they have, as I plan on crossing it to something, sometime.

Great male/female ratio, even tho you were hoping for 3 fellas…
Good luck with the grow, can’t wait to see the rest


Happy to hear that the G doesn’t have much stretch in it. I didn’t think so after this first week, but I wasn’t sure! I’m really happy how uniform these are all looking!