Hazeman White Grapes - Second flowering round with clones

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This is my third grow diary in my informal Hazeman series, thread #1 is here where I grew White Grapes for the first time and thread #2 is here where I just finished up pre-'98 Bubba Kush x Stardawg (m). I gave Hazeman gear a try on a whim since I’m a DC Seed Exchange shopper and have been really impressed so far. I like growing regs simply for the added mystery and fun of discovering the males and females, so I don’t mind that Hazeman doesn’t make feminized seeds, and you can’t beat the price (although it has gone up since I bought my first pack).

For this run, I’ll be growing the two female cuts of White Grapes that I kept from my first round with the strain. I have a ton of seeds left, but had these clones ready and wanted to see if I could get a really nice crop of these two plants before I let them go and move onto other seedstock.

I began this journey when our state legalized, and thought I’d keep clones of something fire around to dial in over the years, but the current seed market is just to hot to mess around with one cut, so I think I’m going to more or less just rip through seeds from now on and not look back. Point being, these are some really good cuts that I’m excited to see flower, but at this point I just don’t think keepers is my trip.

A friend of mine recently got done flowering these two cuts as well in a very similar 2x4 setup. The #1 cut that I flowered last time looked very similar, but the #2 cut came out very different looking. Since I haven’t flowered #2 before, this is my first time with her. Excited to see the differences between these sisters and taste the smoke of the one I haven’t had yet.

60% coco coir
30% perlite (normally I’m a perlite hater, honestly not sure why I added it this time)
10% organic earth worm castings

Containers are 7g fabric pots; I’ve been in 5g ‘equivalent’ fabric pots in my last 2 grows but figured I’d get the big-boys last time I was at the grow shop. Hoping for more roots and fruits, but also a bit wider window on watering in the first half of flower.

This grow I decided to put some organic material in my coco to see if I could supercharge things in veg and then do more of a ‘coast down’ in flower with the bloom side nutes. This might totally backfire but my hope is that I get more vigorous growth in veg which translates to filling the canopy fast and providing a nice buffer for the plants to flower a long long time; I cut this strain earlier than I would have last time I grew it due to a long vacation. This time I hope to take her 65+ days.

Ingredients here are basically Nitrogen, CaMg (because coco + led), aeration, and microbial activation/humics:

–Espoma bio-char
–Roots Organics Elemental CaMg supplement, watered in
–Small dose of Espoma Holley Tone (sulfur + NPK)
–Kelp Meal
–Alfalfa Meal
–EWC (mentioned above)

Doses were all very light for the organic things that can be burny above :point_up: I will be feeding full strength Gen Hydro Flora Micro and Flora Bloom as my base with 1g/gallon epsom salt throughout the grow, so my intent was not to make this anywhere near a water-only mix, but more of a ‘power veg’ starter mix.

In veg my mix looks something like:
1g/gallon Epsom
6ml/gallon Micro
9ml/gallon Bloom
6ml/gallon FloraBlend
1ml/gallon Floralicious Grow
2.5ml/gallon SLF-100 enzymes
1ml/gallon RapidStart (only at rooting/transplant events)
1ml/gallon pH Up - I use liquid drops and aim for ‘legal pad yellow’ with a tinge of green as my color scale

This will be my second flowering cycle under the Grow Light Sciences Grow 300; this light is crazy powerful, and can EASILY nuke the plant. I put my clones under her at what feels like 25% power on the knob (no measurement) and within a day I already had light stress. I’m going to let these plants ride it out and not pull back on intensity at the moment, I think once they have roots they should be in a good place, but holy cow! My hope is to keep the scrog nice and tight and low so I can raise the light very high and go to full blast in mid-flower. PAR maps for this thing put it in the ~1200 micromole range at full blast and 18" in a reflective 2x4, and I find that entirely believable based on how the Bubba finished out last week.

Excited to see what these grape cuts can do under this light!


Going forward, Lefty is #1, Righty is #2.


I like using some perlite with expanded brick coco… Sometimes it’ll be smaller particle size and can actually compact itself and make rooting difficult…

Either way, looking like you’re gonna nail it… but I’ll pull up a chair and keep stopping in.


Yeah that was my thinking…this is expanded brick also and was like 10% “coco powder” when I hydrated it :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I’ve gotten in the habit of putting my coco into a 20g fabric smart pot and then rinsing it to the point where I’m 100% totally confident that I’m just wasting water. That’s really the only way I’ve gotten bricks to play nicely with plant roots lately, they all seem to be a nightmare if you just rehydrate them normally and don’t soak the bejeezus out of them.


Oh yea… When I’m doing coco, I’m in there forever hydrating, potting, rinsing pots down til they match the tap ppm and then charging it up with Epsom and super light feed

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Did you get Hazeman from DCSE? Last I checked if you go through Hazeman they are 45 a pack.

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This is the way.


Yeah I did, the very first seeds I got from Hazeman were freebies with another order, then my next order with DCSE was a big Hazeman purchase.

I’ve been thinking about going direct for my next purchase, but I’m still sitting on another 18months of seeds even if I grew only Hazeman, so it’ll probably be a hot second before I shop for more gear.


Okay, just giving you the heads up. You can email him for his list of strains and order directly from him. He has a ton of strains and DCSE, as good as they are. They dont carry half of what he offers. Good luck on the grow.


How are you liking the gls 300?

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Loving it. I came from an HLG Rspecv2 135w board with two 55watt COBs at 3500k in the tent, so the overall power is in the same ballpark with a nice bump, but the coverage and spread is just absolutely perfect for the space. The buds in the back corners of the tent had the most anthocyanin production I’ve ever seen from a strain, which to me means that the nice wide footprint was reaching every inch of the tent.

Really happy with it, although it’s 100% a homegrower light. The one thing it seems to lack is the extensibility to run multiple of these in a large operation; the dimmer and power supply are really intended to be manually configured as a single unit, i.e. no daisy chaining or remote dimming/control.

But yeah, best light for a 2x4 for the money, methinks.

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Case in point, all this ugliness is from having the dial about 1/8th too high and the light about 4" too close. They’re down on minimum for the moment until the roots catch up :sweat_smile:


Raised the trellis a bit to let them stretch. There are enough tops growing vertically now to weave through the screen, just want to let them get a few more nodes of growth so the bottom frames of these plants are nice and sturdy and not too smashed down.

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Finally some pics worth sharing, they took a second to grow roots but are rebounding nicely into these containers. I raised the light to 22" and turned it up to about 1/3rd from low.


Went crazy with the :scissors: in there today at lights on. I feed them full strength, wait until I see runoff, then chop away. The goal here was to remove fans and get each growth tip mostly in its own square of the frame. I also pulled the scrog down and supercropped the stem of every top to open up the meristem and get a level of nice knuckles right at the trellis. Once I see a few more of the trellis cells fill in, I’ll let them just grow vertically and inch the trellis up a bit with them. I want a nice even carpet of tops about three nodes high.

From there, I’ll probably put in another layer of trellis and flip to flower. Probably another couple weeks honestly, although they may surprise me and go HAM now that they’re filling out the root zone.


Today is 21 days in these containers under this light, I have it around 40% intensity and can see them grimace a little with some stress. Suck it up ladies!

Feeding a basic nutrient mix right now as the Coco had a lot in it from the start.

3gallons water, 3 grams epsom, 18ml Micro, 27ml Bloom, 3ml pH up.



Day 23 of vegging. Just fed and tucked, looking forward to a little manicuring below the scrog soon. I want to give some of the lowers a little more time to catch up, then anything not in direct light exposure will come off. I’ll let the tops exposed stretch vertically, then flip once I see a couple nodes of growth.