Left Hand Seeds Employee Journal - BlackDak + Black/Blue Lebanese


I’ve been out of the game for over 8 months. Truly healing to be back growing.

Here’s some of my totally mundane past grows.

I stole @lefthandseeds entire grow method, so the least I can do is raise some pollination candidates to try and find a pepper pheno in BlackDak.

I have jars strictly of pure sativas, having a mega indica like this on hand is long overdue! I haven’t in recent memory gotten as face melted for as long of a time on flower as I have on this. It felt like an edible!

I went with an out of the box EF bucket setup that seems to be doing some crushing in @lefthandseeds tent, and 1200W of HLG QB in a 4x8.

No more fungus gnats! I still love Coco and D2W but am really looking forward to mixing it up, plus I’m doubling my plant footprint!

I haven’t received my 4x8 yet, but I have my veg setup so on to crackin’ some beans!

The EF setup for veg, using these wacky tree pots @lefthandseeds discovered, plus a viparspectra 150w (super impressive panel for the price). Drilled in some bulkheads, and off we go!


Holy fuck! Those are some crazy sake glasses you’re soaking seeds in. This is gonna be good.


I have my black dak out on the table. I’ve been looking at them for a while now. Best vibes on yours! I may drown some this week.

Welcome back @8k_feet! Nice to see you again. peace


Thanks for the kind words @GMan great to be back. Have you started your blackdaks? Would be awesome to run comparisons at the same time!

5/10 girls have popped baby roots, one of those big enough to stuff in a rooter. Other 5 are still chilling in the water figurin out how to escape.

Got the dome set at 78 so they should be comfortable and pop pretty soon here.


Chair pulled man . @8k_feet I’ve had my :eyes: on @lefthandseeds blackdak.
Happy growing


Not yet but I will. I’m transitioning from the last of outdoor plants to indoor. I only have the Original Neville’s haze goin now. I just cut the last of the outdoor that finished inside. I think I’ll pop some ASAP. The weather is finally gonna stay cold for a while so I’m hoping to ramp up indoor. I have to reconstruct the grow space I had a couple of years ago in a spare bedroom. That’ll give me plenty of space and easier to control than my space downstairs. It needs money thrown at it for winter growing, lol.


Starting seeds is pretty unnerving for me, I’ve been scarred by damping off roots.

8/10 are in rooters and doing all kinds of funky spaghetti things. I had some really curled roots coming out of the paper towel, so I tried my best to get them pointed downwards but a couple are going to have to figure it out on their own.

In other news, I got my gorilla tent in, and after a lot of wrestling it’s up and fucking gigantic. I’m so unused to this amount of space for a grow. I’m really stoked to have almost 9’ of height to work with for wildass sativas.

I’m working on getting my 8" AC infinity hooked up, then I’ll handle my light panels, and finally the new ebb and flow setup. A ton of work left to do.


Everybody’s rooted and trying to free themselves from the bonds of seed shell slavery.

Three shot their roots through the bottom so they’re going into flood tomorrow.


Day 1 Veg

Hope everyone’s feeling good.

Had a long time to pop seeds, at the top of 3 days in rooters because a few were super stubborn in getting their shells off, on top of that 3 had pretty bad starting root development and flopped over.

I’m not sure why this happened, the dome they were in was absolutely soaked humidity wise. The rooter’s holes were huge so maybe they were getting too much light at their root bases?

In any case, they all got transplanted as everyone had finally ditched their shells. I proceeded to flood them with 0.8EC last night and checked them this morning - everyone’s perked up! The 3 on the left were/are the primary troublemakers, but are looking a lot better.

I’m just glad to be in veg, it’s like cruise control now starting with a 24h flood then moving to 12h feedings, I just need to check PH for swings and that’s basically it.


Off to the races :call_me_hand::call_me_hand: what kind of plugs are those mine seem to be darker for some reason seedlings look good man .


They’re rapid rooters, I think mine were just way too dry. I seem to be having a bit of a humidity problem in my tent, might be time to rig up a sonoff and an ultrasonic to pump out some vapor!


Oh right on I was thinking is was some new coco cube or some shit :joy::joy:


Day 3 Veg

I don’t mean to bore anyone with seedling pics, this journal is partially for me to keep a record of how the plants are doing for future reference, especially since I’m on new systems in both veg and flower!

0.7 EC, 9k lux. somehow my concentration dropped from 0.8 but I’m happy with how everyone looks.

My RH is showing a low of 28 and a high of 52, it’s around 30 it seems during the day, not super happy with that so I think I’m going to hook up a sonoff or something to a 5 gal home brew humidifier.

70 degrees temps at least so that’s good, it’s getting cold out.

Everyone’s buffed up noticeably from two days ago.

This guy is just plain weird, I’ve never seen this happen before, it’s still trying to grow but it has a totally gimped root. Probably not going to make selection!


The problem your having is the same one I did when using those damn things for seeds. The holes are too big and the tap root pushes the seed out of the hole instead of digging in. I only use those for cuttings now, and I prefer the jiffy pellets for both. “Burry” those seedlings right up to the height you want them at. Give those tap roots some resistance so they can push down.


Starting to get off my ass and assemble my flower tent, I don’t know why I’ve been so lazy about it, I guess because I have weeks until flower starts.

I got one of my lights put together after fumbling around for over an hour with incorrect layouts.

This setup crushes my last 3 qb setup by a large margin, 600W driver strapped on the back of the heatsink, they’re just mega. I did a test hookup at 100% power and I could feel the heat coming off from like 3 feet away.

Now I just need to build one more setup like this.

Screwdriver at bottom left for size ref, these things are heavy, I got a pulley for each corner.


I started using the root riot cubes since they have much smaller holes. I’ll sometimes even just tear them partly in half, then put the seed in and then let the tray hold them together. It kinda clamps them in that way too and the roots grip it easily.

Also the root root cubes are slightly cheaper.


When I use these for cuttings, I flip them upside down and pike a new hole. I don’t use a tray, so they also sit better that way.


Nice that’s a good idea :+1:


Day 8 Veg

Well I had my first misstep - I’ve left the seedlings at 0.7EC for around 5 days now and they don’t like it. The PH was floating up but was around 6.2 so I had left it alone.

A bit too big of a dose of LITFA this time. I should’ve upped their feed a couple days ago.

Only two are showing minor deficiencies, thankfully.

Bumped to 1.0EC, still at 9k lux, humidity is still ass.

I ordered two sets of humidity gear - inkbird humidity controllers, ultrasonic foggers, and some waterproof fans - I’m going to build some 5 gallon bucket humidifiers.


Day 12 Veg

We’re still alive, and still in boring AF seedling stage. I spotted the deficiency early and upped feed, but as I’ve read with cannabis once you’ve spotted the deficiency it’s already too late. That’s ok, just the first node a little weird on some.

They’ve busted their second nodes and already blown them up a good bit, I feel good about everything.