Next Octopot run: OHGA , Gorilla Glue 4 JW cut, getting set up

It came to me as a cut, and I did not keep it, did not care too much for it!

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OHGA went 10/10 on a nothing special germ test. Just placed in the coco, LITFA!!!
All 10 up in 5 days time.


Gorilla Glue # 4 JW in the octopot, behaving pretty well so far! :slight_smile:

Amnesia Haze in octopot :

Orange Goji Pheno # 2 in octopot :

OHGA (Amnesia Haze X Orange Goji) in octopot:

The 3 GG#4’s for seed making :

Close up of OHGA :

Close up of Orange Goji :

The 2 are very close in looks and growth. OHGA throwing bigger leaf’s, a bit thicker stalks and stems on her.

The lot of them, day 5 of flower :

Texas Vegetable Feed taking names and kicking ass as it always does in VEG. Absolutely zero issues seen, kick ass on only 510 PPM. Will change it out on day 25 or so to the new Jack’s flower formula’s .




You figure a guy could make his own octopot using a 1 gallon fabric pot and a 3 inch net pot and not have a too wet condition from the size of the net pot?

Oops realized I replied to like post 3 or somthing lol


I would think so, the Octo uses a net pot as you can see up top in this thread.

Would just make one up, fill it’s rez with water, give it a few days, then check wetness of soil in your grow sleeve.
The top several inches of my sleeves are bone dry…

Just make a bottom feeding system yourself. Not hard to do, or even Google Krusty buckets , i use to run them, they work great!!


Orange Goji update

Will try to set aside time to make a new thread of my own tonight :slight_smile:


6 Orange Goji and ONE OHGA is that correct??? Vigor displayed already in the seedlings! They will take the fuck off when you up pot them.

When you start your thread, give me a heads up here so I can follow along with your grow!!!


I started researching them after seeing some if the monsters they give you, it got me thinking how to do it micro style without going as far as needing a pump etc like mr sparkle and other micro guys


These do not use an air pump, there is no need. The sleeve breathes well, there is an air space between the sleeve and the water in the rez.

You could make your own, just get the dimensions correct to scale, should work I would think.

You could just also make simple bottom WICKING buckets to run too!

They use some type of "fabric " to wick water up to the grow portion of it.

100’s of ways to do it!!!


I’ll figure out somthing for next run I’ve been looking at all types haha

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Just a super simple wicking pot will work.

ANY POT…just dangle “wicks” down from a net pot and into a “rez”

Even Walmart does it:


Yeaaa I’ve definitely been over thinking it hahaha

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Do the pic above, do not use a glass jar however, lol!! Certainly do it in 1 gallon pots. BEST wicking material is “straps” from old camera bags and such. :Look at above pic, you see what they are using, 2 wide strips like that going across bottom of net pot then hanging into a rez.


I’m on it… eventually lol


Man…your garden is stacked!!! Awesome lines you’ve got going on!!! If you ever need a house sitter, keep me in mind…lol


Thank you sir!!!

I use Octopots for one reason…they are GIANT LITFA MACHINES!!! Here, in veg, my only “duty” is to keep light 26 inches off, and keep the rez filled(once every 4-6 days NOW) that is it, no more .


The more grows I see running SIP’s the more I want to trythe system. Plants are looking great


I will take it over any other method for ease of use and outcome! They yield 85% of wht my NIGHTMARE PITA Waterfarm hydro set up did…but without the mess 100 of $$$$$ of nutes, and air stones running 24 /7 !!! Never again!!!


Yup, that’s correct. Will certainly do that :slight_smile:


Know you will get ladies from the OG, sure hope OHGA is a lady for you!!!