Northern Lights, White Widow or Purple Punch Photo Fems

As the title says, I have Northern Lights, White Widow or Purple Punch Photo Fems for trade. Looking to build my cred too!


what do you mean by ‘pheno’ and any other info on your wares?

Dang I meant photo lmao. All I really know is they were from seedsman, for some reason Barney’s rings a bell.

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do you know which is which?

Not following on the country question.

The three are segregated, yes.

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ummm…i’ll pass. thanks dude.


Thanks for helping me build cred “dude”.

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I think he was asking what country you are in. Those are wonderful strains. Almost wish i didn’t have them already. All 3 are legend.

Could help you build cred as a tester if you’re interested. I’ve got 2 of my own crosses I’d like to see someone grow out. I do it myself but I’ve got projects already lined out for a couple years


That’s very nice of you. I cannot be a tester due to regional constraints. I am purely a collector at this point.

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Hey @Conitl are you looking for more fems or regular seeds, how many White Widow have you got?

Interested in the Norther lights. is NL#1, or NL#5?

Maybe some people here like seeds man and Barney. Personally my experiences with Barney have been poor genetically speaking.

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I can do 10 for 10.

I am not sure.

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Anything in particular you look for in a trade? Would love to do a trade for some of your NL seeds.

I did a trade with @Conitl and it went very smoothly. Would recommend, and will try to provide updates when I grow them!

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Ok but do you want fem or regs?

Prefer fems

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You might wanna try here aswell

Sorry mate only got regs.