NY Diesel x Purple Hazeo

Nyd x ph
These are fresh seeds
Somehow missed A banana on a fem dureing bloom.
Germed 10 And 9 popped
Trade for any fems


Hey @Tejasdirt

Introduce yourself. Get to know folks. You’ll eventually find someone that wants a trade.


Someone will rise. Especially since you are being honest. And to favor you with reciprocity, i don’t think anyone will want hermie seeds bro.

Have you grown them? Do you have any pics?


@MadScientist I believe @LED_Seedz will agree that nanners are not a genetic intersex but a stress induced one so the genetics of @Tejasdirt seeds may not carry the “taboo” trait

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I found 1 seed on a plant might b getting some more. Be lit over a month, u still round we’ll talk more.


Nanner = short for banana is intersexing and while I agree that in certain situations it can be caused by stress factors, it is also something that can be bred in to the plants. It is partly genetics because good genetics will not throw bananas.

In other words if a pin hole of light is causing an issue that is genetic. If it were to show on more than one plant during a grow, that is genetic.

If a plant inter sexes and pollinates plants to the point is it making seeds “to me” they are trash and belong in a trashcan. Truth be told if everyone had that mind set there would be far less crap on the market.

That said it’s good for business for me. Drops competition way down.


@LED_Seedz thanks for the time to clarify that for me👍you are a scholar and a gentleman


It’s nice to know I can give cuttings of your gear to friends even if I haven’t finished fowering them. Have five Creme Brulee clones looking for a good home.


@ReikoX how does one send clones in the mail??? Just thinking about all the possible problems with that makes my brain smoke

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YWasn’t trying to trade
Not trying to breed.
Was just giving away some seeds.
Due to a malfunction of my climate controls dureing a holiday my plants were subjected to:
12 hours a day of no ventilation while lights off
85% humidity
98-100 degrees in cab.
One small plant covered in shade by others foliage went banana republic on me during those stressful times.
Google how to ship clones
I’d leave a link but not up to snuff on the rules here yet.
They have “ clone shippers” premade with tiny led lights ( think of 2 plastic Togo cups taped together)
Or the way I’ve done it for years…
Toilet paper tubes
No smell bags
Priority mail
Google will set you free!!!

Pm me if anyone want freebies
It could be said that breeding has watered down the mj linage.
Who knows???
One mans trash is another’s treasure.
Sometimes the best is found by mistake.


If your offering send some my way, I’m not scared lol. . . If your seeds have a hermied trait I’d be the one to cause it lol

Pot grower ingenuity at its finest!

I’m sure I need a certain post count for me to pm.
I’ll work on that.
I’ll be sorting the seeds this week

Lol you can’t send pms until you hit 2 trust dots or whatever they are called

Well ok then
Let me work on those trust dots!!!


Spreading the love
Sharing seeds seems to be a good way to bump up those trust levels. Your already on the right track! Just got to get 1 more to be able to send pms

Post a grow diary or comment on a bunch of people’s threads and just be a little open with us and you’ll get that 1 more dot and many more

Edit- there ya go mr 2 dots !!:+1:

I don’t ship clones. They are hand delivered to close friends/family.

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@ReikoX sounds like you are a very smart man!

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