OK I know we have a "What are You Listening To"!

If you could go back to see any performance what would it be, and WHY?
I was born in “84” and it took me along time to appreciate music. I would pick up on songs on the radio that truly resonated with me. As a youngster at the time, I wouldn’t find these songs of like “Man In the Box” and like of all Nirvana so much I didn’t know how to request them. Until it was to late. I wish I could go to any show. But this is my pick

Makes me get teary a lil every time.

please respect the rules… It means a lot to me. Thanks. Have some fun.


Here is the original of a Leadbelly performance.

With all do respect to Mr. Ledbelly’s performance he was way behind the 8track I used to chase in my day.
But I’m pretty sure Kurt called old Leadbellly from the grave with this prefomance. He definitely killed it.

Please share your videos. You’re heroes don’t have to be dead. This is to tell you if there alive go see them. You never know what tomorrow brings.


I listened to this live on Radio 1, but could not attend. This is peak 90’s dance by the master himself. You can hear the crowd through the performance and this night became legendary. Even some of the other announcers like Judge Jules and Pete Tong comment during this set - you are hearing something special.

The entire 1999 tour was broadcast on Radio 1, but this one stood out to me in particular. Almost perfect. If you like this sort of thing…

Great topic. - wish I could pick two, damn rules.


Alice In Chains Live At The Moore for sure.


I’m digging it bro. Since you are the first to give the back story I’m interested in the second. Boy I really feel like I was born 10 years too late sometimes.

PLEASE EVERYONE! This is pointless if we can’t feel where your coming from. WE want to feel why you wanted to be there. Or your feelings from the performance! Thanks for stopping by!

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@Bud_Weiser , @Herbie , @Qtip and most definitely @Slick1 please edit in why.
I would like you to take us there. Help us feel why you picked these.
I’m really not Hating. I just want to others to feel your feelings.

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It’s my favorite band performing at their pinnacle, what’s not to love? Plus I just miss the 90s.

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Everyone PLEASE FEEL FREE TO COMMENT on others posts. Remember we are all family. I DONT promote shenanigans. (Wate… as.thad. areal.wurd?)

The ethos of punk with a social conscious and Joe Strummer was ultimate frontman and is/was greater than Springsteen as one YouTube comment states.

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I’d be all over that concert, love the cure. I was 13 at the time.

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Boy you have know idea what I feel about the 90s gen. … wait… I’m listening back. There are some bands I was programmed to hate.

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You were programmed to hate Alice In Chains? :neutral_face:

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I should have typed that right. Good bands that I didn’t like because I was told not to. Incubus for one.

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Fucking love AnC

Not too big on Incubus myself. My buddy was really into them for a minute though


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We Get What We Get

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Don’t play with my emotions now…
I know there was once opon a time about a show you wanted to see.
I’M NOT MAKING FUN. Kurt unplugged makes me teary all the time.
I want to hear about it.

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