Opticlimate, 9 x 1000w Dimlux + Co2 | Mapito Ebb & Flow Build

Hello to Overgrow crowd :wave:

I have been on forums on/off for over 13 years and have learnt a lot of decent people and knowledge along the way, my preferred growing method is Mapito flood & drain but i have grown with success in coco dtw but nothing beats the ease of flood and drain every 3 days :slight_smile:

I have been out of growing for a few years and i am jumping back in trying things i have never used before so hoping for some advice.

My room is 3.45m x 5.5m but growing space is 3.45 x 3.45m i have 9 x 1000w dimlux lights with maxi controller and the co2 controller connected to bottle of co2. I also have a opticlimate pro 3 10,000.

Growing in a sealed room is very new to me not taking in any fresh air or exhausting stale air worries me a little as this is how ive grown for years but ive maxed out at just over a gram per watt and im curious if running co2 and a fully controlled room can take me above this. More just curiosity as a grower and now i have a chance to test it so i would like to share.

I will upload pics of the build process in the coming days.

I look forward to sharing with you all and chatting to hopefully some old faces :slight_smile:



Welcome, heres a thread that might interest you. Also @ifish and a couple others grow the same preferred style as you.
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