Mapito Eb & Flood - HLG starfleet - Strain Judging

Hello OG family and friends,

It starts here for me. A moment the last (overcrowded) plants are removed from the Mapito crates.
A not so perfect momentum, but its a start right?
The ride in this topic will be rough, the strain judging will be cruel no matter who made it or how hyped they are.
Never have fear to share your thoughts and opinions. Positive or Negative = love it

This is the first edition i builded some time ago. Will be upgraded in matter of days just like v2.
Made to constantly hunt phenotypes from a wide diversity of seedmakers, including my own seeds


Maybe this should be in Grow room diaries, but count me in. :smiley:


Moderator team can move it if they want. It will be a wide mix of everything so it was hard to chose a section


Are you the Real Esko from sannies ?


Hello @Ras-T, yes. Nobody else has the same crates on the flooding tables, been using them for over a decade now. Thats first.
Some people asked this before you and i have sended them proof it is really me by sending a PM with my MOD+ account on OPG.
Maybe @Alaskagrown @ifish @Drip-n-wet @santero can chim in to confirm?

I was invited here by allot of friends so i am giving it a try. This place is surely very much alive!


These are the crates. The grey ones on the custom table. Ofcourse the rest of my ops has evolved … allot.


Ok, lets have a look on some of the new strains inside the TL1 unit

TL units have one goal, constantly new strains from a very wide diversity of seedmakers including my own.

Starting with Mizzizzippi Mud nr1 from Dark Horse Genetics.
a cross of Ice Cream Zundae x Thanoz (Zkittlez x Bitch Slap)
It will not survive me. Not impressed overal. I allready know this after wet trimming.
Average frost and yield levels, terps did not convince me. Soft creamy lemon smells is nothing special.
(The nr 3, thats true to type, berry & honey & cream, have my eye on that one)

She gonna love it on the compost pile … i think


He is indeed the one and only E$kob@r from Sannie’s and Opengrow…

I’ve seen a few imposters over the last few years but this is in fact Esko! Verified by me as he sent a PM on Opengrow yesterday. :slight_smile:

I seriously cannot wait to see his new works!!

Personally I hope he continued the Lady Cane(SSH x G13/Haze)…the F3 was one of my favorite’s in a very long time! Amazing plants came from the gene pool…unfortunately I didn’t take clones, had to reveg…They turned hermi on me…

I know some folks made a reproduction of it but just not the same!

Maybe @eskobar found the secret recipe in the Blueberry Indica he was working on. :slight_smile: I had the Blueberry (1/2/3) from Opengrow…they were all over the place and wasn’t what I was looking for…still looking for the right Blueberry. I have a bunch of blueberry strains I’ve collect and about to pull the trigger…stay tuned for that!!

Anyways he’s the real deal my friend.

Be well



I asked that cause longtime we havent Seen you
Esko :v::+1:


Thank you for confirming @Alaskagrown
To start at the bottom on OG, i will first focus on the phenohunting units.
Eventually, more and more will be shown. A relationship with a board is something that must grow to.
Without stress or obligations i will do my own thing like i always have done.

Not one genetics has been lost.
Why would people fake my name and pretend to be me? as far i know i not have enemies and always have been polite and friendly. Always have been on the homegrowers side.

Lady Cane came from a pretty large selection. The sour apple cut is still ok.
Because i like lots of apples i have been investing in practically all Apple Fritter (and Sour Apple) crosses to for 2022. First ones will be Black Apple Hitchcock.

Jungle Boys, Cult Classic, Archive, Dark Horse Genetics, Dungeon Vault, Oni, SSSC, TH, Geist, Terphogz, Jinx, Rare Dankness, Crocket, Exotic Genetics, Compound, Symbiotic, … these brand will all by judged without having connections with them.
Judged from my point of view.


Hell yeah @eskobar is here!!! Awesome to have you here at OG. I’ll be along for the ride if you don’t mind.


No problem @Ras-T
Yes that is correct, it has been a few years offline for me but that does not mean i quited.
On the contrary … you will see soon.


Hello @SeymourGreen, thank you for stopping by my topic here and thank you for the warm welcome.
Just started and the plan is pretty simple, to do my thing, evolved and more cruel judging than ever


I’m learning already, Here for the rest of the story!


Gonna be an epic journey : ) it’s deffo eskobar everyone , you can’t fake the knolage
: )
No imposter is that good : )


@eskobar hello and welcome back. I’ll be excited to see where this goes.


Hello @Enjoi802, thank you very much. I have no clue myselff where this will go


i pulled me a chair too, mon ami :slightly_smiling_face:
i realy loved your gear(at least the strain,i grew) and i still got some of your beans :+1:


Bonjour @saxo, nice to see you again


@eskobar welcome back, honored to have your knowledge and experience on the boards again