Outdoor Grow in Michigan

Panted one of my Blue Cheese Clones out at my Mom’s house.
she was waiting for her Medical Card in Michigan and I wanted her to have it ready by time it came.
Unfortunately, she passed away before her card showed up.
When my Brother’s and I were at the house after Her Funeral I noticed that it was gone. My stepdad had pulled it (It was ready to pull. So, that wasn’t an issue.).
But,he just tossed it in the basement on top of the dog kennel.
Save most of it but,mold got some of it


My sympathies & condolences. :pensive: I too lost my mom this year.

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Aw I am so sorry to hear of both of your losses… I have to take this as a reminder that I need to spend more time with family. Hoping for an easy transition to you.


Since,I found out that OverGrow was back up & running.
I’ve been reminiscing on the old days when I had my Green Card & looking back at my old pictures in my External Hard Drives (What few I have.).
At the time there was still a lot of stigma towards Home Growing (Especially,when you have kids.) still is.
So,I never took any pictures of when I had to have my son’s in the basement with me because the wife was at work.
The oldest remembers a little. But, the youngest was to small just rolling around in the walker.


So sorry for your loss @TheMightySeaman I know it must be hard to deal with such a loss keep your chin up and stay positive brother! Welcome to OG hope to get to know you better !


Please add these sincere condolences to the list…indeed, stay strong and draw happiness from the MANY cherished memories. All the best, Bro.

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Ahh crap. Prayers and vibes sent bro. Losing my mom really hurt. It did give me the wisdom to spend as much time as I could with my dad before he got sick and died. My mom went suddenly and that was hard. It never doesn’t suck but I suppose it gets easier with time. At least you were thinking of her and trying to help her before she passed. That’ll really help. It has for me, regarding my dad. I was there for most of his cancer and was holding him when he passed. It helps. I wish I could have been there for my mom. I did see her the week before… and we had good times a couple of months before when she came to visit me with some of my family. It’s a major milestone for sure. peace bro.

Oh, and that plant is a real beauty. It has the classic Christmas tree shape. Was that the clone you were growing for her? later

Yes, it was one of my Blue Cheese clones that I planted at her place.


Sorry for your loss

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