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Clone or seed?

When do you start?

Do you train the crap out of them like indoor? or just top at like 10 and 15?

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Check last frost date for your area and if you can find an early finishing strain in your area I’d use that. Don’t top just bend it over a little a tie it and bottom branches will catch up and you’ll have a bush.


I do clone most of the time but this year it is seeds mainly

I started about 100 a week ago to get them ready for outside

I do not but I did do these as a hedge last year and cut them with hedge shears over the


all the best and be safe



Yes, I have Friesland seeds. I also Live In Quebec and as a tester of some sorts I am currently running 1 indoors and budding with crystal was almost immediate, surprisingly so. Much quicker than the strains included , started the same time, living beside. and the only frost including sugar leaves. I am confident of finishing time. Ialso have one Blueberryxcindy99 supposedly fast.


good choice and stuff from the Danish breeders will do well

also the the stuff from BC works good

I am in update state New York and get wet cold falls and frost by September 7 -12

I am putting out some Danish Gold to try as it is built with Mighty Mite as

building block and Mighty Mite is a very fast outside strain

all the best and be safe



Good info thank you…Week ago. so can they be a little crammed? You know like grown straight up indoors? Are you slowly growing them indoors softer light slower transplanting she dual? I have only so many t5 and florescent, I have one T5 ( 4 bulb x 4foot ) and 2 fluorescent ( 2 bulb 4foot )…I do have 1000w but no air conditioner and now is o.k but soon things will be to hot so the t5 n florescent is what I have right now. I can go as many as 18. legally. I am not experienced to know what I can do space/time/light wise.
Shears lol.

Cool man, keep me posted. Younger when I realized how Cold New York was I was dumbfounded on why would a person put up with that and not just move more south than again we settled more north than you so what do we know. (we my parents) …How sweet would it be to grow with no seasonal restraints. I have a Land-race I bet could break 18 feet if I gave it to January. lol

That looks solid for outdoor. Back in the day I would have been all over that. Top 3rd trimmed well probibly wouldn’t have disclosed it was outdoor.

Also what is the ground spacing for your hedge? Your yearly cheaper than cedar rewarding hedge?

my bad 2//16/2021 two weeks tomorrow

i will get them outside as early as I can the first one will be sexed and the second

stuff will be started on the 3/9/2021 and be sexed out for females only

I will also start around 75 or so autos the first week of April to get outside

at least six weeks old

yes to a point I also trim and hack them to keep them smaller but in big pots so

when they go into the ground they have lots of roots

I do have 10 or 12 plants I started this time last year from seed that will put out

and finish this year

I am using T-5 replace LEDs at are 42 watts each on a bakers rack to start

hear you there in my 8 foot by 16 foot room I have up to 5200 watts but to

run that much now I still need my 18K AC unit

so I dial it back to around 2400 watts which is great now and manageable as it gets


I cannot have any here in New York so I do hundreds here for me it all about the


that comes with time and working your setup

be safe and stay free



they are in 4 foot tall cages that were about 2 foot across and about 30 - 36 inches


all the best



start seeds in late jan grow until a foot tal then top and grow 2 shoots then top again and grow 4 shoots. pot up and up and move outdoors June 1st. I got a 6 foot plant with 13 tops. Probably half a pound


Good sun and soil so the roots can go deep water and good genetics clone or seed . With the right nute’s its easy to get pounds . I’m getting ready to start some seed under LEDs until around the first of may I start in 1 gal pots .


Sorry power was out, based on your plant sizes in the cages, I can gauge well what I would be dealing with, so think 5 gallons will cover me until June?

I start early to mid March and plant by may first from seed.
Like @gramps said. Sun, soil, ferts ,and water.
I don’t top unless I’m in the open but only once because it can make your plant take longer to harvest.

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Thank you. I plan on making some seed and I have read that training and topping is not the best way to do that something about gens after showing signs of stress. I feel more secure knowing I have a stock of seed that will finish ( in case the grid goes down and zombies and stuff lol )


Lol. Yeah just plant directly in the ground and watch it grow. Depending on your budget there are many things you can do to increase your odds of success. Just read the outdoor threads on here from start to finish.
If this is your first time growing weight get a 12 dollar bag of lawn fertilizer sprinkle it on the ground and work it in a little. Then put some potting soil on top of it and plant. Give it a dose of miracle powder fert after transplanting then all you gotta do is water. I water every 3 days. Whatever watering cycle you do start don’t change it

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One plant, one pound… Let it get a foot tall or so and tie down the top… Pull down and out all shoots that are vertical for months and then let it ride lol


Interesting. So inclusive potting soil like a miracle grow, or pro-mix.


Yes sir. Just some cheap potting soil will do fine. It’s just to help with transplant shock and also helps the plant grow into the native soil.
I would just dig a small hole just big enough to put a half gallon or gallon into then plant in that. When the plant grows and sends it’s roots out into the already fertilized soil from the lawn fertilizer then you will be set. It’s a good cheap and easy method of growing a lot of good smoke. Get a small box of that miracle grow fertilizer the powder stuff and mix a half a tablespoon with a gallon of water and give that to your plants immediately after transplant