Micro Grow Experiment

Greetings to everyone…!!

Newbie grower here with 1 unsuccessful grow under my belt.

Had started a thread for advice on my first attempt and was grateful for all the wisdom that was shared with me. Attaching the link in case anyone is interested.

Unfortunately my plant turned hermie and yielded only S1 hermie seeds (not sure if it’s the right term) & nothing to smoke. BUMMER

Extremely eager to smoke some home grown bud & have started my 2nd grow-op.

Having trouble again & seeking advice. Pics coming up…


Here is a pic of my first plant just being switched into 12/12


What are you growing them in? (Tent/cab etc)

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I’m using what space i have available at home.

2 Grow rooms

  1. Veg: One 50W - 6500K LED with plastic dome removed (for better lighting) - Lights go off when i go to bed & back on when i wake up. Guessing about 18/6
  2. Flowering: Three 40W - 2700K LED with dome removed. 12/12 6am on 6pm off

Here is a pic of the Veg Room in the beginning of Sept


Have been taking pics almost daily to track the progress.

4th Sept

Rooting experiment ( small container filled with lil bit perlite & water - fresh seedling which popped dropped into it ) the plant in the centre was rooted the exact same way with good results.


I’m still new myself but I’d get more for your veg. I’m growing in a mini fridge and for veg I had three 100watt equivalent 5600k LED with the domes cut off. 20 canadian at walmart! Now I have 3 100 watt equivalent 3200 in there

Edit** I think they are 5600 and 3200 k… but dknt quote me lol


Thank you for the advice - Trying to make do with what i have currently available. Extremely cash strapped right now to be thinking of adding improvements.


7th Sept

1st rooting experiment in the container failed.
2nd attempt in the white plastic cup.


8th Sept

Seedlings transplanted into 16oz bottle


My experiment seemed to be doing well till here but then it started going down hill.

Explosive growth stopped almost completely & started showing all kind of problems. I think it was due to the containers not being big enough & the plants were root bound or/and something else.

22nd Sept

2 plants which i wanted to keep as mothers transplanted.

22nd Sept - 16oz bottles

22nd Sept - Seedlings in cups


On the positive note… my cloning experiment gave good results.

seedlings which popped dropped into the cloner - water mixed with a lil bit of rooting powder.

22nd Sept - Top view

Bottom view


All plants being grown are from bag seeds. Want to get some hands on experience before i try my luck with some superior genetics.

Have been reading quite a lot on ICMAG & have been particularly inspired by Drbudgreengenes method of growing plantlets with zero veg & into flower as soon as cuttings are rooted in 16 oz bottles. Trying to emulate his method as much as possible and my goal is to get similar results.

Honestly speaking did’nt have as much trouble in my first grow in veg - would just water & feed the plant every now & then and it grew just fine. Of course the genetics being used is completely different. My first grow seemed to be a sativa whereas my current grow seem to be all Indicas. Not sure if their requirements vary.

Any feedback, suggestions or constructive criticism for improvement are welcome.

My current grow setup is the same as the 1st grow which has been linked in the 1st post which has more details.

Will promptly answer all questions about the setup.

Thanks again


What type of soil and what are you feeding them?


Any chance of some pics

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I’ve got a thread while building it and one of the plants I’ve got. I’m not sure how to share a link here though

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Used potting soil in my first attempt with good results.

Since i have multiple plants this time i thought i would experiments with different mediums to see how they respond. I’m trying my luck growing with coco this time as well.

  1. Pure Potting soil
  2. Potting soil:Coco:Organic manure 40%40%20%
  3. Pure coco

I’m planning to grow organic.

In my 1st attempt i used only this during veg & the plant seemed to love it. Will continue to do so. It has the most Amazing Earthy Fresh Smell which none of the other feeds had:

For Flowering:


It looks like the plants in the first Sept 22nd pic are pretty hungry. Manure is good to add to the soil in small amounts, but may not be a complete food.

Also I’m pretty sure bone meal needs time to break down and become ‘active’, it can be easy to give too much of it as well. You might want to try getting your hands on some liquid fertilizer (miracle gro or a cheap 20-20-20) and giving them a light dose…start with 50% of what the bottle says and see how they like it.



Hi and welcome, you’ve come to the right place to ask for help.

Don’t be discouraged by a few first failures, we all have them.

Going organic is a great goal, however… building a living medium for indoor growing is in the experts realm, imo.
Without the proper experience, the life in your soil could end up eating your plants instead.

The first thing I think that is hurting your chances is your use of potting soil.
Most organic indoor growers use potting mix as a base, then add amendments to that.
Soil can harbor some nasty beasties.

To start with, most potting mixes are blends of peat, bark, other plant fibers, perlite, maybe some vermiculite and whatever else happens to be lying around.
And they are almost always too heavy(read: retain too much moisture). You can start by choosing a potting mix with an OMRI certification, sterilize it by baking it in an oven at 250 F for an hour or two and cool, then cut it by 50% fresh perlite.

Choose an organic OMRI fertilizer or just use 25% by vol earthworm castings.
That will get you through veg.
For flower, I’d choose a soluble organic fert like https://www.burpee.com/gardening-supplies/organic-gardening-supplies/burpee-organic-all-purpose-water-soluble-plant-food-5-2-4-prod100220.html

Remember this is to take it easy on yourself and gain some experience.

For a truly living “soil”, I suggest you download a copy of True Living Organics by the Rev for a starting guide about living soils. Try to follow his basic recipe exactly the first time. You won’t be sorry.
Here is another great place to start.

Good luck and keep posting!


This is what i have access to at the moment. The Liquid Fish Fertilizer does’nt state its NPK ratio but i read generally (5-1-1) is the general composition. Seaweed Extract has trace amounts of NPK but is believed to a good additive. I tried using them as per the instructions on the bottle ( both foliar & into the medium) but plants reacted badly - leaf tips burning off. Din’t dare try them again.

I think i should try your advice about giving them a light dosage at first.

So true…!! the potting soil ends up retaining moisture like crazy for a long period of time. From what i have read, Marijuana plants love well drained soil with good aerations with abundant nutrients. I do add perlite to all my mixes but not as high as 50% but 15% based on what some growers recommended. But i guess i should definitely try out your suggestion as well and see how things turn out.

I do have access to this at the moment but again when i tried following the instructions verbatim the plants dint seem to like it. Guess i’m just not using the right way.

Will try to get my hands on it ASAP. Love reading more & more to improve my understanding on how to be a successful grower.

Greg Green’s Grow Bible happened to be the first book i read front to back & back to front during my first grow. Might have to re-read it again.

These are the books that have been keeping my busy for the past few months. Never seem to get bored about learning more.


This is the thread on ICMAG which motivated me to go micro in my 2nd attempt. Not sure if i’m allowed to post threads from other sites but here it goes:

Compact SOG with CFL’s
Posted By DrBudGreengenes
Micro Grows


Could’nt get my hands on CFL where i am as most vendors stated that technology is now outdated and LEDs are the way of the future.

This is the method i’m trying to currently replicate & to see if i can get similar results.

Do you think its a method a beginner like me should be trying out…?