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Hello OG. Welcome to paintedfire studio.

I suck at intro’s and I am no wordsmith. I’m just another guy who loves this plant like everyone else here so let’s get right to it. I grow in coco/perlite medium and I am using a hybrid of HPS and LED light. I am currently flowering in a 4x8 tent and using a 4x4 tent and 2x5 closet for veg.

Let me show you what I currently have going on. Here’s the light setup.

Right now I’m flowering a Barefoot Doctor from Bodhi Seeds and also a pollen chuck from a friend. Purple Kush/Blueberry x Strawberry Milk. Here are some veg shots. I did some topping and light training.

Last minute decision 4 days into flower I decided to throw up the nets and try a scrog for the first time. I flipped too early and put up the net too late so it won’t fill in completely. It’s a learning experience.

The barefoot doctor is stretching and filling in nicely. The PK/BB x Strawberry Milk not so much.


Perfectly happy plants there. Wheres your sweet ass guavaXc99?

Also, is that a 600 with the LEDs? I’m going to be setting up something very similar in the next week or so. What kind of LEDs are those? Not sure I’ve seen that style before…

You’ll love scrog, I’ve just done it the last couple rounds and will never go back to all those stakes/training etc. It’s so easy and works so well. I never fill the screen properly either, I figure when I have a mother to work with a few rounds I’ll get it perfectly dialed.


Awesome setup you have there paintedfire420! Can’t wait to see how they turn out :+1:


Are those the ChilLED Logic PCBs? I’ve been interested in giving them a try for a while.


Thanks @beacher. Haha I only ran the GuavaHP x C99 twice, once from seed and once from clones of the seedrun. My garden is pretty small so I had to make room to test some new stuff but I’ll definitely be revisiting her in the future.

Yep you got it, that’s a 600w HPS with the LED’s. and bingo they are chilled logic pucks from rapidLED @ReikoX . It was between these or a HLG quantum board. These use 630 watts combined and have more diodes than the HLG which only uses 480 watts for roughly the same price.

Thanks @ChronicMcBudz :pray:


Let me show you all what else I have going on.

I am revegging this Dynasty Genetics Caramel Candy Kush right now. I didn’t take any clones that run but I could not let this lady go. She was the winner of the crop and I could kind of tell before I even got to smoke her. She smells amazing right before harvest, like grape sodalicious candies from the 90’s. The dried flowers don’t hold that profile but during dry and cure she morphs into something else amazing and interesting that I just can’t put my finger on it. She’s been my go to evening smoke since I harvested her. Her lowers were also seeded with F2s. :smiley:

so I revegged her. easy peasy

almost back to normal now


And here’s the Doc Holiday x C99 seedlings. This will be my first time growing these. There’s also 1 Dynasty Pineapple Diesel in there. I had 5 but they were deformed and super runty so I culled most of them and kept the only one that is close to keeping up with the Doc Holiday x C99.

here’s the Doc Holiday mom that I pollinated. I hope the purple comes through in the cross. Love me some color in the garden.


I did a little more plucking today. This is my first time doing any defoliation. I plucked off a ton of leaves in veg as well especially on the barefoot doctor. I was previously against the idea of it but after listening to this weeks growtube I decided to try heavy defoliation during flower.

I went a little hard on the Kushberry x Strawberry Milk. Having grown the Kushberry before I can already see that this plant is heavily leaning towards to kushberry side. While it’s great stuff I was hoping for something to the Strawberry Milk side.

Kushberry x Strawberry Milk

Barefoot Doctor


Looking damn fine sir


Yup, pretty neat process. GJ.


Looking sweet! How far away do you keep your 600?


It was a decent episode, even if I disagree with a lot of what they said. Not a single person mentioned the delay that comes from taking the apical meristem off…

I think Green gene touched on it when he said with synthetics we can keep pumping nutrients into the plants, so losing the nutrients stored in the leaves isnt a big deal.

Unless you grow in living organic soils…


Right now I have everything about 18" from the canopy both LED’s and HPS.

To be honest I’m not 100% sure how far these led’s should be. In fact I’m going to shoot rapidled an email today and ask. I’m also unsure if I should be running them full blast or not but I assume it’s safe to. I plugged them into my kill-a-watt meter and noticed if I turn it down just a tad it uses a good bit less power at almost no difference to my eye but do the plants notice? I’m thinking they will.


Nice, I generally hover around there or a bit closer with my 600. No clue about the LEDs, caveman here :monkey:


looking bang on them are. love the lighting setup. i want to use a 315w cmh with a 600w hps in a 2m by 1.2 meter tent, or a led with a hps. i grew with a load of blue cfl,s with 600w hps and the super lemon haze grew with much less stretch than with just hps due to the full spectrum lighting.
love the look of your little bushes, il pull up a chair for your grow.


:thumbsup: I’m a huge fan of mixed spectrum. I’ve tried a bunch of different mixes. 2 HPS, 3 HPS, 2 HPS and 1 Metal Halide in the middle, 2 HPS and 1 Blurple LED in the middle and now 2 LED with a HPS in the middle.

Thanks for the kind words everyone. :pray:


and some budshot tax :slight_smile:
Some Caramel Candy Kush from last round.


The Doc Holiday x C99 are starting to put out some side branching nice and early, that’s always a good sign. I’m not too fond of the plants that don’t. We’ll see how they continue to develop in the coming weeks. I need to get another light up in that tent so I can spread them out some more as they grow. I’ve noticed from past grows if you crowd too many plants in an area they will just shoot upwards instead of outwards in effort to compete for light.

and the Caramel Candy Kush reveg is bout to explode into an insane bush. She’s almost back to completely normal growth but still popping out a few single and 3 bladed leafs.


I feel the same way. I strongly prefer plants that exhibit a lot of branching, and tend to make selections in that direction when considering which plants to make seeds with.

Plants that don’t tend to produce many branches almost never get a second run from me.


And I wanted to show some of my prized packs of seeds. I’m hoping to get to all of these by the end of this coming winter and I have lots of ideas what to do with them