Philosophy and stuff

Was hoping to create a little corner of the forum for people to share philosophical figures they admire or have influenced them.

I’ll begin with my personal shaman, Jiddu Krishnamurti


Same man, 1981, warning us about the advancement of computer tech


Neat idea. I really enjoy this youtube channel:


Great channel, been subbed for a bit now. A lot of good content available there.

Just to name a few people I enjoy in general:
Terrance Mckenna
Alan Watts
Ram Dass
Robert Anton Wilson
Eckhart Tolle

For sleep and relaxation;
Pure Delta Isochronic Tones
Deep Ohm Meditation
Guided Meditations

I also suggest for any of the 5 men ive named, add the term “chillstep” to your search after their name and put some headphones on, close your eyes.


Chillstep example

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Another great channel

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Last one then its my bed time.

Specially relevant for the way the world is today.


At the moment I’m thinking of Nietzsche

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Im big fan of j.d., but i found more usable (practical) insights from this talk here:

Its somewhat fast paced, and i like how its oriented towards creating new paradigm for an individual, instead of dissecting old ones…

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Pop in some earbuds and go to bed with this one night. Sleep like a baby

Anyone interested, I’ll be starting part 1 tonight, listening to one part each night and reflect on them. Anyone interested, join me at your leisure :slight_smile:

“Corruption begins where there is self interest.”

Good fucking night lads that was enough for me to stop it at 10 minutes and ponder.

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A little tongue in cheek but damned interesting:

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Love Carlin, Hicks, Bruce, Stanhope. Comedians really influenced my outlook on life from a young age. I think I started watching Pryor when I waw 7 with my dad.

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I was 8 and I was supposed to be sleeping, but I stood in the hallway and watched Eddie Murphy Delirious. It changed my life. Smoked a joint inside the Comedy Store with Jeff Ross and Ari Shaffiir.