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I’m down for that.
I’m just going to have to prod my kids to get at least one of them growing so I know where the collection is going (while I’m still on the green side of the grass & all :laughing: :laughing: :rofl: :vulcan_salute:)

Well, that and building up a decent collection!



This is exactly where I got the vials and case… Of course if you want extremely dirt cheap, they do have them for about $5.00 range without the case to hold them…

C$ 13.83 18%OFF | 1set include one piece 81- lattice digital code Storage Box for Store Cryovial+81pieces 1.8ml plastic Refrigerating tube

They also have 1.5ml sized ones without a case
C$ 13.36 | 100 piece 1.5ml Cryopreservation tube Laboratory freezing tubes centrifuge tube for lab analysis with colorful screw cap

I’d assume that the smaller ones would also be useful for shipping seeds around with some serious protection.


Sounds like a great idea we should all be trying to preserve the old stuff and the new stuff it wont be here for ever unless a few good people like yourself do something about it. I have been collecting for awhile i really like the vials i will order me some in the morning. Thanks for the hook up and keep preservation alive.


Yeah buddy. This is what I like to hear. A concise effort to preserve the strains that YOU particularly find valuable… if 1000 people save 100 strians each, I’d by happy. New, old and pollen shuckers alike Genetics Lineage are preserved for future use. No matter if that 5yrs or 50yrs down the line. It’s safe. Untill someone wants to replenishe the world again with fire cannabis.


well assuming the seeds are viable after there hibernation at least but yeah more people should make there own seeds and save them


Well I’m presuming that since I’ll take necessary steps to ensure the viability of the seeds alot more then my older buddy, it will be ok. Seriously he kept seeds in a sandwich bag, in a Tupperware container since 1974 and all 5 seeds he gave me poped in 24hrs.

I’m going to be using the tubes I linked and then once sealed, using my kitchen vacume sealer to permanently have them sealed. Then store the vials inside a large thermos to prevent the goodies from being crushed or having temperature swings.

In the end, if I have successful viability of 30% of 5000 seeds, it’s still worth it to me. Ofcourse my goal is 100% of 5000 to 10,000 seeds total.


What should I do with this visitor?


A predator - hunting aphids etc.
Good photo, I’ve never seen those hairs before



Great idea on the preservation of seeds.I am slowly acquiring and building a stockpile of seeds to preserve for the future years and pass on to my now 19yr old daughter who is taking a liking to gardening to.

Let that beauty roam around,if there are pests he will stay.if not he will disappear.nothing wrong with having a plant friendly pest enemy predator in the garden.


Leta make some gummies and chocolate :wink:


Can anyone tell me if this really works?
Older friend of mine said if I put 1 icecube on the soil nighty, this would help bring out fall colors on the plants… Since I grow inside the outside temp doesn’t matter much… Just wondering if anyone has heard if this working before. He did say it’s not the same as growing outside, but would help the plants change colors. I know this doesn’t effect the strains potency or anything, it just looks cool lol

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The ice-cube thing arguably falls under ‘bro science’.

‘Fall colors’ are genetics, but there are some variations.
Some genetics seem to need a significant night temperature drop to express. Some just do it anyway. :laughing:
I expect that it is like the maple sugar trees. The colors are already there, but they are masked by the chlorophyll.



I have read and seen posts of people watering there plants in the last 2 weeks of flower with ice water,claiming to bring out colors and increase resin production.Saying it tricks the plants into thinking its grow season is ending and the plants push out more resin to protect the buds…Just what i have read but not tried yet.May try it on one of my MWCB as all 6 plants are very stable and grow the same and have 2 to 3 weeks left.


Self training lol


Dark Chocolate Recipe

50 grams of unsalted butter (1/4 inch thick slice block of butter)

of course if making cannabis edibles use cannabutter…

3 Tablespoons of Coco Powder
4 Tablespoon of Iceing Sugar (1/4 cup)

(If making Milk Chocolate, add 2 to 3 teaspoons of Powdered Milk 1% or 2%)


Use Double boiler method (pot of boiler water with metal bowl on top)

Melt butter on low heat first untill its liquid, then add sugar and stir untill smooth and liquid, then add coco powder and stir until liquid and smooth (2 to 5mins ) …

Result is Dark Chocolate…


Just ordered a personal size canngar mod, mostly cause it was on sale… Cant wait to make my own Cannagars with my own stash …


Hahaha I just ordered likely the coolest bong I’ve seen in a while
Its 3D printed and is stored inside any wide mouth mason jar… Got this for the wife, cause the last 3 bongs I’ve got her somehow end up with something breaking on it.



My sons 11th B Day is tomorrow and he asked mom to make him a demented bunny cake (5 nights at Freddie’s “Springtrap” … Creepy little bunny. Anyway, I think my wife did a great job.


Something I use as a guide while growing,

Humidity: 60% - 80%
Temperature: 72 to 76F / 22.2 - 24.4C

Humidity: 40% - 60%
Temperature: 72 to 76F / 22.2 - 24.4C

Humidity: 40% - 55%

Temps above 85F or below 55F slows/stops growth