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To me, it’s a Canadian icon that represents community. A place to come together, share a drink, share a toke, socialize, catch up, share ideas, unload, relax, warm up, watch the stars, smoke some more, drink some more, be mesmerized by the flames, listen to music, burn weird shit, dance, sing, play instruments & talk all night!

I decided to start a thread for all the stuff I do that relates to this amazing plant we all love so much, to share things I’m learning and projects I’m working on in hopes to connect to people who have similar interests and curiosities. I’ve already connected with a good handful of people on here and am looking to ham it up with more of you. I’ll do my absolute best to be responsive and active in this thread but life can be overwhelming at times as I’m sure you all can relate.

Looking forward to getting this going! Thanks for checking out the thread :slight_smile: :seedling:


While I’m wrapping up my outdoor grow for the 2022 season, I’ve been thinking about starting my indoor stuff. My first project for this thread will be a breeding project that I’ve been interested in trying out for awhile now. I’ve been trying to get my hands on some Lemon Jeffery seeds but they’ve been out of stock for awhile (hopefully coming back soon). I was lucky enough to have another member here send me some pollen on a LJ plant he reversed. Listening to descriptions of this strain on the Grow From Your Heart podcast and chatting with other growers who have grown it has me very intrigued. Sometimes you just find yourself drawn to a certain plant and this is just one of them for me, personally. Although I’ve never grown out this cultivar or even tried it, I do believe the genetics behind it are intriguing enough to warrant a breeding project.

Rasta Jeff, the breeder behind Irie Genetics, goes live on IG every Monday. He was cool enough to answer some questions I had about the cultivar and suggested I chuck the pollen at some “potent plants that are super funky! Something RANK!”. There can only be one choice for this suggestion… Chemdog, the one and only (and variations of her). The fem pollen from Lemon Jeffery (LEMON SKUNK X GOLDEN GOAT) will be used to pollinate the following:

Guerilla Fume: (Silver Chem (Silverback OG x Chem 91 Reversal) x Chem 91 BX3) - Lucky Dog Seed Co
Headband (Notsodog) x Chem D - CSI Humboldt
GMO (Chem D x GSC) x Obama Kush (Mendo Purps x Bubba kush) - Founding Fathers Genetics

The Fume is hyped to be “the closest thing to Chemdog in seed form”. Notso’s headband x chem d is knocking peoples socks off and the GMO paired with the Obama Kush should warrant some super funky and unique terps! Needless to say… this should be a pretty fun project!

My plan is to take clones and flower them out for pollination, keeping the seed plants as moms until I find a winner or two. I’ll pollinate the lowers on the plants I think and save the tops for heads. I have 4 of each of the cultivars above for a total of 12 plants. I will need to look out for boys in the Fume seeds. These will be grown out in 2 gal fabric pots in a 3x3 tent. I’ll pollinate each plant separately and away from the general population and be really careful to stay away from the main cola. We’ll see how it goes!

Will update with pics asap!



Sounds like a bunch of fun work ahead! Set to watching!



Blunts and beers in hand, ready for the awesomeness!! :grinning:

One thing’s for sure, there will be some :fire: and :fuelpump:


Oh my!!! What a line up! This projects sounds awesome! I already know this circle is gonna fill in fast so im gonna squeeze a seat up close if thats alright!

Btw, i love the campfire, and the idea of this thread. Good luck to you! :fire::v:


I always enjoyed fire jenga. You take a log from the bottom and you put it on top and whoever makes it collapse is the loser. Great fun.


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Great thread idea and what a line up planned. I’ve always hoped to find some LJ myself. Have hears a ton of good stuff about her and I’m a suckered for lemons. I’ll be pulling up a cooler full of pops to sit on by the fire.


I like the idea of a campfire. Anytime I think of a campfire… this pops in my head. My son who Is the oldest loves to torment his sisters with this as well…


Bahahahahahaha!!! I love it!


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Btw, i love the campfire, and the idea of this thread. Good luck to you! :fire::v:

Thanks man and thanks for trading me those Fume seeds!

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Def trying this at the next cottage I go to :rofl: :rofl:

Ok so the seeds have been removed from the vault! I let them come up to room temp for a few days. After that, I soaked them for 24 hrs in tap water with a 1:100 ratio of FulPower. Tails were popping and I transplanted the seeds to my small soil pots. In the past I have used hydrogen peroxide for the soak but after doing some reading and listening to Jeff Lowenfels speak about his new book coming out, “Teaming with Bacteria”, I decided not to wash the seeds. He speaks about beneficial bacteria that comes with every seed and how you should just let it do it’s thing in the soil. I’m all about this and find it fascinating! You’re telling me there’s beneficial bacteria locked in each seed that will help it grow for the rest of its life?!? NEAT!

I used tweezers to transplant each seed and then I poured in some of the liquid from each little cup into the pots. All 12 have come up with maybe 2 struggling a little.



Great to have all the new visitors! Thanks for stopping in and I love that you’re liking the concept. Campfires are the shit! Maybe we can all sit around one TOGETHER in person some day.


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