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Welcome to the Club Everyone, Im off to another adventure and all on a new platform ----->>> Overgrow Fourms. THANKS for Having me …

Id like to invite and encurage everyone to participate, post comments, questions, conversations and criticism, Let’s get to it!

Equipment being used:

3x3x6 ft Pure-Tent
10" Carbon-Filter and 4" Vortex Fan
24" Box fan above the lighting for air flow
Marshydro FC 3000 Led professional lighting
PROMIX HP Mycorrhizae medium
Three gallon plastic garbage cans (CADMAN style)

Nutrients: Gaia green 444, 284 and Worm Castings & DYNOMYCO C Inoculum.

Lighting Reference ----

Using an Android application to get a ballpark range of lighting levels that I’m aiming for during the grow.

Vegetative 30,000 - 40,000 lux
Flowering 50,000 - 65,000 lux

< 15,000 lux - sparse or “stretchy” growth - plant isn’t getting enough light

15,000 - 50,000 lux - good amount of light for healthy vegetative growth

45,000 - 65,000 lux - optimal amount of light for cannabis plants in the flowering stage

70,000 - 85,000 lux - a lot of light, some strains do okay at this light level.

For an amazingly detailed in depth review of the FC3000 with awesome PAR/PPFD information
(This is what sold me 100%)
Click Marshydro FC3000 Review


Well, this sounds like it’s right up my alley! :sunglasses: :+1:

I’ll pull up a chair for this one.



Some info about my media type & style.

Using black plastic garbage cans, with a hole drilled in the side about 2" from the bottom for 10% drainage when watering…

Using HP Promix with Mycorrhizae &
“Regular Potting soil Mixture” indregents are, Humus, Peatmoss, Sand, Perlite.

Mixing the media 80% HP and 20% soil mixture, then I load it up with Gaga Green nutrients every few weeks and just use plan ol water daily. I’ve done this for several grows with awesome success (if it ain’t broke)…

Honestly this method was sparked from watching some dude on YouTube, talking with my friend (the queen of Ganja) I likely drove her nuts with wrapping my head around a more natural way to grow with nutrients…

So the reason I do what I’m doing is mostly because I believe the macro nutrients live better in this environment, which directly affects your roots, which in turn grows some seriously healthy plants…

went ahead and measured out a little more then 4 blue party cups of HP Promix (Seed starter) then dumped the rest of the NEW (Pre mixed with Gaia green 444 all purpose 2 tbsp, Gaia green 284 Flowering 2 tbsp, Gaia Green Worm Castings 2 tbsp PER 4liters/1 gallon) HP Promix Mycorrhizae with the HP Promix (Seed Starter) and mixed it very well…

THEN, I added some Magical ingredients and mixed everything again and divided it between the black containers.

DYNOMYCO C - Contains a whole inoculum: spores, inoculated root fragments and live hyphae combined.

Each element of the inoculum springs into action in different conditions, making whole inocula products more effective than products containing only spores.

DYNOMYCO C has a concentration rate of 2500 propagules/gram of one specific endomycorrhizal fungi called “glomus intraradices.”

This species of endomycorrhizal fungi has been scientifically researched and proven to form symbiotic relationships with cannabis root systems.

Approximat Measurements, thanks to my not so useful kitchen scale, I need up with (1Gram/ 1Teaspoons = 1:1) after several attempts to be more accurate…

I mixed as follows;

2 grams ÷ 4 containers = 0.5 Grams or 1/2 Teaspoons Got mixed all together then divided between each blue party cup…

1.5 gallons x 4 Containers = 6 Grams/Teaspoons Got mixed together then divided between each (1.5 Gallon filled inside 2 gallon container)…

In the future: 1G/1Teaspoon covering inside of transplant Hole when up-potting.

75G/ Teaspoons should get me through 7 plants roughly…

The Containers Blue have 1 small hole drilled into the sides for drainage:
The black containers have 3 small holes drilled into the sides for drainage.


Found this item on sale and its exactly what’s needed here. Can control everything individually in my grow tent from my phone via wifi connection, thus assisting with saveings on the hydro bill since I can schedule to power on/off during peak/non peak hours.


Waiting for seeds to pop…


Cool setup! Will be following along

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Like your setup im useing 1 2000watt mars hydro led and 2 1000watt mars hydro leds cant wait to see what the 3000watt one does got my chair pulled up ready for the show

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Hey @CADMAN that is amazingly detailed review and the PAR/PPFD info is one of the clearest write-ups I’ve read. Thanks!

Also, I’ve been looking a reasonable inoculum. That DYNOMYCO C looks good. I especially liked the 1st review on Amazon that explained how to propagate your own from the product :partying_face: :clap:



Well 3 out of 4 seeds poped. :wink: I planted the 4th just to be sure. The seeds are all bag seeds collected from friends bags that came from the reservation, I have no idea what I’m growing, but its gonna be great!


Ordered this item to help in the future to view tricombs without needing to squint.


Right on, man!

Do you ever find your soil stays too wet with using a hempy type pot style with promix? Or do you just keep it damp until past the seedling stage, then fill’er up?

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Naww. Been doing this style the last several grows and with the light and fan on, the soil drys out overnight…

The whole reason I do this style is this;
Everytime I water, its dragging fresh air deep into the roots and of course replenishes nutrients and water…

I water till about 5%/10% water runoff via the holes in the side of bucket and this makes sure no salts are building up overall.

This method also allows for a good wet/dry cycle on the roots, all of this combined with organic nutrients to feed the microorganisms liveing in the soil, which in turn breakdown nutrients for the plants roots to absorb = Thick, fat roots and big healthy plants.

Checkout the roots on this one, done in a party cup and only 4 weeks old from seed…


The only pain in the A$$ part is watering daily by hand…
I’m likely to rig up some gravity feed water system or wifi connected mini pump in a bucket turned on daily for 30 seconds to water for me lol


There’s some folks here that are strong advocates of Blumat systems.
I’ve something a little different but hey, if it works - it works!



I’ve seen these before :slight_smile: Unfortunately I need top feed dredging, so basically by hand or halos. Thank you though.

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Cannabis Genetics Preservation

Hey all, I’ve decided to do something that could help the future of Cannabis as well as helping myself and others in the process…

I seriously advise that everyone including sponsors, consider doing this as well.

It was insainly cheap (less then $20.00 CAD)

The purpose of this endeavor is to preserve Cannabis Genitics in the face of a real Government Genetics lockdown, to preserve strains that may die out or get diluted so much the original Genetics are lost in some manner ect.

I will keep the Saved Genetics until my death, at which point I will pass along to my kids for future generations…

So spread the word, invite people to come read this page and maybe they too can join me in this effort to preserve what YOU consider Valuable Genetics …

I’m planning to allow my seed collection to only reach 100 strains, Yip collecting seeds is a real problem sometimes, I’m already halfway to this goal…

I’m not talking only store bought, breeder bought, I’m saying ANY strain that’s been created via any means that I myself consider Valuable Genetics…

I know some of you guys/gals may have already hit this target, especially when breeding we end up with thousands of seeds and really, can we actually grow even just 1000 seeds in ourselves in a lifetime??

So I purchased these little Cryogenic vials that can be used to freeze and preserve seeds for many years to come… Detials:

Laboratory grade Cryopreservation Tubes that are suitable for ultra low freezing tempatures…

1.8 ml Lab Cryogenic vials
Box size 127x 127x 51mm
Screw on caps with silicone Orings inside.
Airtight and liquid tight.
These are suitable for seeds and/or Pollen.

What I’m going to do exactly?

Preserveing 25 seprate strains in 4 categories,

Each category will be compiled of
10x THC Indica Dominant
10x THC Stativa Dominant
3x CBD Indica Dominant
2x CBD Sativa Dominant

25x Landrace Genetics
25X Regular Photoperiod
25x Feminized Photoperiod
25x Automatic Photoperiod

For a tottal of 100 strains, 80 strains being THC dominant and 20 being CBD dominant…

So basically ANY strains that I personally feel the need to be preserved based on my own criteria I will obtain if necessary, grow them out and make a load of seeds of that specific strain… THEN, I will choose the best looking seeds and fill up a single 1.8ml tube and shrink wrap it and store in the freezer…

I will have a master list made up per vile, each vile will be numbered to a corresponding Strain Name with detials on that strain (kinda like a guide booklet) the sheets will also be stored with the seeds, each sheet with get laminated (just incase)…

All the remaining seeds will be used for personal use grows and for trading/swapping/gifting ect with friends and people who are in need… which helps myself and others right away, while we are here to enjoy them all !

Thoughts and suggestions?
@Sebring could you be interested in this? Maybe some friends or yours or other community members?


I’ve been thinking along similar lines and I know several more here have been as well.
This would be an interesting group project. :sunglasses: :+1:

How many seeds per vial (approx)?
How long can you store in the freezer before you need to do a preservation run to refresh? (I think if properly stored in the refrigerator, it’s between 5 to 10 years)



Yes… lol also consider those 1.8ml may hold what about 50 seeds each, something to consider or what i do is unless a strain excites me on a scale of 0-100 onyl that which is above the 90 range makes the grade as far as what to keep and or grow, and usually if grown i’ll make seeds of it.

But yeah those or eppendorf tubes have the same purpose those just being a bit beefier


@Gpaw @Mr.Sparkle

The vials look like they could hold 50+ seeds :wink:

Friend of mine kept Jew Gold 1974 in his freezer since 1974 hence the name lol I’m thinking 20+ years down the line for Preservation…

The way I see it this, I do a seed run on a specific strain that I like and is special to me, regardless of where it comes from…

Then collect and preserve this strain in the 1.8ml vial in freezer.

The leftover seeds of that run, I can keep to continually grow and also can trade/swap/giveaway in order to grow the collection and share Genetics while I’m here to enjoy them.

The Preserved collection is more like a dooms day Vault of Genetics…

Are you guys, or anyone els down for this?

If 1000 people did this and preserved 100 strains each for 20+ years, man that would be a special thing and would benefit all Cannabis communitys and our world in general…