🖼 Picture of the year contest, Free entry, hundreds of seeds for winners

Thank you Cornbread! But I’m sure, now, that Heliosphere can make anyone look good!


Thank you @Qtip as the first contestant to enter, I will be using yours and the next 9 OG’s who enter their picture as promotion for this contest in a video release.

Off to work, ya’ll be good to yourself.


Well I am no artist so I will just toss up this pic of me starting my evening fire :rofl: I came to OG as I found it to be a community full of amazing individuals. Where I could be me and not worry about judgement. I am a husband, father of 2 grown kids and medical cannabis grower born and raised in Canada. I love archery, shooting, fishing, growing and being with my wife. Nothing makes me happier than being outdoors in the woods surrounded by nature. I love to practice privative survival skills, hence the picture showing me making the evening fire using a hand drill. Want to know more, feel free to ask, I am easy to find here on OG.


Figured I might as well enter with some art I did to in memoriam for my uncle who passed away well before his time due to cancer.

Wanted to add something more about me. I am from Toronto originally, but moved out east to go to school when I was 17, and have been here ever since! Love the ocean, and love the maritime hospitality. I am married with a daughter arriving on boxing day! In the time I am not on here, I love freight trains and dabble in vandalism/art (less so now than when I was younger). Anyways, hope you enjoy, and also I have a vast collection of 35mm photos that I have taken and continue to take, if there is ever any interest, I can certainly post some more!


Thank you for sharing @sprinklememaynee

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The hunt by Claude Monet, done with pastel

Call out to @zephyr @misterbee @Instg8ter @Oldtimerunderground @ReikoX @DougDawson @G-paS you all are great!!!
I did this pastel work in the 8th grade, it was my art project on the side when I would finish up in art class. Took me the better part of a year using mostly pointalism with pastels as well as I could. I’ve kept it in a folder and now it’s in a frame. It’s one of my favorites I’ve done, another would be a pencil drawing of Eschers Three worlds.


I am going to throw this one into the hat for consideration.


Edit, looks like I need to add some info.

I have been painting 35 years on and off. I see lots of great pictures in the Show your buds thread. I like to challenge myself artistically, so thought I would give painting a cannabis plant a go.

It was a buddies 60th birthday and he is the heaviest cannabis user I know, and his favorite strain is Purple Haze, so I painted this pic for his birthday.


@Shadey was it you who made the cannabis trading cards? Beautiful work.


I know @CADMAN made trading cards.


No I didn’t, don’t think I have seen them either. I will keep my peepers open for them :dizzy_face:


That sure is one beautiful painting. I need some tasteful bud art in my life!


Cheers man, I have another plant pic in the, cannabis inspired arts, thread, and lots in my, a shadey spot to paint thread if you want to check them out and see my progression shots of some of my other stuff :wink:


Here are the ones he made for me @Shadey , they are pretty cool.

Uploading: Screenshot_20210908-194316_Samsung Notes.jpg…


I like those, they are very good :+1:


Only 70 cards for BOG Sour Bubble was ever made… Cannabis Collectors Item :wink:


I’m no artist either haha I’ll join you on that one


Special Announcement: The winner of the picture of the year contest will receive 10 seeds of G13XROMULAN F3 (regular). Like the seeds provided by breeders to OG’s on OverGrow, You can’t find them anywhere else in the world. If you would like to know the origin of The seeds, please follow this link.


But we call it the ‘Inky Sphinky of God’!!! :rofl:

Yeah… COPY & PASTE!! :laughing: :v:

Wanna sell T-shirts? :money_mouth_face: I’ll take #001. :sunglasses:

:blush: 'fer a second I though you had a spear with all that cabbage… :thinking: 'daaaaamn …savage! :laughing: :swimming_man:



Lol I did reproduce it, but I did the piece I posted, took me a year.