2022 Cannabis Cultivation Network: Picture of the year contest: Art, Cannabis, Life. OverGrow the World!

Welcome to the Second Annual OverGrow Picture of the year contest.

The Picture Contest:

Each person that enters a picture can choose the category by posting with the picture of their choice. The categories are Art, Cannabis and Life.

The “Art” category is up to the person who posts their Art, it’s open to interpretation. Photography is a art form, pictures of sunsets, sunrise, night sky or have artistic intent are acceptable, painting, drawing, tie dye, sculpture and creative forms of self expression are all welcome.

The “Cannabis” Category is for everything related from roots to Trichomes, buds, plants, cannabis gardens, a pile of seeds and gooey processing shots are all great choices for subject matter, the limitation is that all pictures posted must be property of the OG who posts it. Artistic representation of cannabis should be placed in the Art category.

The “Life” Category covers pictures of smoking cannabis is all forms, dabs, vaping, your tray in use, clouds, the shadow of a tree on fresh snow, sitting by the campfire and pets of all kinds. Your Favorite horse, a barn full of animals, the ticket you got for parking on the wrong side of the street. A cup of coffee with trichomes being sprinkled in, a picture of something you love. The choice is yours.

Each person can enter 1 picture per category for a total of 3 pictures per OG. 1 picture per category, the picture can not be entered into multiple categories. If the same person is voted to win multiple categories, this winner will be asked to take one top prize category and pass the other winnings on to the next person in numerical order in the other category. Any picture for all categories does not have to be from this year. Once your entry is categorized your OG avatar and category will be added to the picture and stored for the voting.

Each of the 3 categories (Art, Cannabis, Life) have the following prizes available for OG’s to win.

1st prize: 1 personalized tray with OverGrow sticker included in design provided by @bobgrows, 1 pack of sourbubble seeds with collectors card made by @CADMAN and provided by @DougDawson with OverGrow sticker Included. 1 pack Oaxacana x chocolate rain provided by @Papalag and 1 pack of Purple Elephant seeds from the purple mother provide by @V4vendeta

2nd prize: 1 grow cup holder provided by @bobgrows with OG 2022 built in design, 1 pack of sourbubble seeds provided by @dougDawson with a OverGrow sticker included. 1 pack of Skunk 1 x black delato provided by @Papalag and 1 pack of SA Kwazulu × Purple Levitation provided by @V4vendetta

3rd prize: Your choice of 1 cannabis leaf shaped ashtray/bud tray provided by @buckaroobonsai with OverGrow sticker included. 1 pack of sour bubble seeds provided by @dougdawson with OverGrow sticker included. 1 pack of Oaxacana f2 provided by @Papalag and 1 pack of Moloka’i Kush × Molokai Frost provided by @V4vendetta

The OG who gets the most votes across all three categories wins a OverGrow T-shirt in the color and size of their choice ordered from RedBubble and shipped directly to the winner.

30 slap stickers. The best way I have found to give away stickers is to let OG’s do the giving, 6 sticker chain events will provide 5 OverGrow stickers per chain. I select a OG to start the chain, that OG wins a sticker and then names the next person to win a sticker that chooses the next winner, this continues till 5 OG’s have won a OverGrow sticker. The winner can choose any OG on OverGrow to pass the next sticker to. When the 5th person is selected in the chain, they will be informed they are the final winner for that group giveaway. Each person selected by the previous winner will have 12 hours to respond, a private message will be sent to ask for a response, at 24 hours with no response the previous winner will be asked to name a new winner.

@Natea Medium OG sticker
@mota Medium OG sticker
@Jimdoors Medium OG sticker
@Floyd Medium OG sticker
@Ris Medium OG sticker
@LedZeppelin Medium OG sticker

Round 1 OG sticker chain winners
1 @Itslegalnow
2 @ColeLennon
3 @Gizmo
4 @BigMike55
5 @MoBilly

Round 2 OG sticker chain winners
1 @jamMAKEcan
2 @Tracker
3 @E5_Wilk
4 @Rhai88
5 @anonymous4289

Round 3 OG sticker chain winners
1 @sfzombie13
2 @baymare11
3 @Lady.Zandra63
4 @Carty
5 @DiggySoze

Round 4 OG sticker chain winners
1 @MonasticDank
2 @Somatek
3 @SensiBowl
4 @Shadey
5 @Kushking902

10 medium OverGrow stickers will be given away randomly to OG’s throughout the event.

1 large OverGrow sticker will be given to a OG on December 20th, this is the 2 year anniversary of BOG passing the torch to BOG jr. The OG who wins the sticker will also receive a Pot for Pot Starter kit with a big discount coupon for seeds to grow in it. The winner can give the prize to a OG of their choice or keep it for themselves.

*** Winner @Natea ***

1 large A pot for pot grow kit with coupon for seeds will be given away December 25th 2022

If you win something please let the person who sent the prize know when it has arrived.

Each person that posts “OverGrow the World” generates a $1 donation to support OverGrow. A donation of $25 has been made in advance, when 50 individual OG’s have posted in the contest another donation of $25 will be sent to support OverGrow. When 100 individual OG’s have posted in the contest another donation of $50 will be made and continue for every 50 individual join the contest.

The contest is over on December 31st 2022 at 11:59 PM no more entries of any kind will be accepted after that date and time. Voting will begin January 3rd 2023 in 3 three separate threads for Art, Cannabis and Life. The voting will close January 17th 2023 at 11:59 EST/DMT. Every OG regardless of entry status will have the ability to vote once in each category.

Every individual OG that gives a buck for OverGrow by posting will be matched with a $1 donation to World Central Kitchen to provide those in need food and fresh drinking water around the globe. A $50 donation has been made in advance, when 75 individual OG have posted in the contest another $50 donation will be made.

If you don’t have a picture for entry please put “OverGrow the world” in your post to qualify for Sticker giveaways.

Fuck Cancer! Each Individual OG that puts “FUCancer” in their post will generate $1 donation to support https://www.letsfcancer.com donations will be made in $25 increments. The first $25 donation has been made in advance.

Rhai88 has made two stickers that look good and offer something new for the next generation of Trichome farmers here on OverGrow.
OG square logo image
I would like to make 10 of these stickers with RedBubble and have Rhai88 give them away as limited edition collectors Items. The long term hope is that both of the stickers could be made available on RedBubble and set up to have the proceeds support OverGrow, like all the other stickers that will be won by OG’s in this contest.

If you would like to support OverGrow directly.

To those who support by the month, Thank you. You are the backbone of OverGrow, if there was no you, none of this would be happening, right now.

Looking to get a OverGrow sticker of your own as soon as possible?

Please put a link to your current grow or one that you are proud of in your post, if available.

Thank you @DougDawson

Thank you @Bobgrows

Thank you @buckaroobonsai

Thank you @Rhai88

Thank you @Papalag

Thank you @V4vendetta


Overgrow The World!!


Overgrow the world, fucancer, great contest @Heliosphear


Also FUCancer!


nice looking for pics now :grinning:


@Natea Congratulations! As the first OG to post you have won a medium OverGrow sticker. Thank you. You will receive a request for where to send your sticker within 24 hours.


Hey that’s awesome of you! Even though I don’t have any grow pics, I can’t wait to stick around and see everyone else’s projects!

Edit: I saw we can do seed pics so I did that. Happy to participate


@Heliosphear do we post our pics here???


Btw FUCancer for real


Art no 2 pencil drawing i did a few days ago

bud, apple fritter. life. Is like water flowing.


For now I’ve got 2 entries , the cannabis category to follow edit this is my Christmas Cactus

#1 art

2 life ( taken on the lake near development timing :stopwatch: is everything

Fuck Cancer

Free the weed
Grow forward


OverGrow the World and fucancer!


Overgrow the world. :earth_americas: :leaves: :fallen_leaf: :shamrock: :maple_leaf: :four_leaf_clover: :herb:!!!



white widow from a couple of grows ago


Cannabis entry.


Life pic

Art pic

I know, I don’t draw very well, lol


Who is this? She’s a beaut!


Thanks bud, she was a BOG Sour Bubble BX3 and was my favorite. It topped itself and only grew 1 node but gave me some fantastic bud.


Damn very impressive! That is a good looking stash right there! Never grown out any sour bubble myself but I did just pick up some SB pollen from @Tonygreen . Excited to use for future projects.


Very nice. I collected just over 1/4 lb of pollen from my Sour Bubble run, sent most of it out to other growers. Lots of crosses out there now :slight_smile: