Plant Benders

Saw these on reddit a week or 2 ago, decided to give them a try. I recommend checking Etsy before Amazon if anyone else orders these. decent savings. if you have a 3d printer, even more savings xD


Yeah, I’ll throw a design up on thingiverse - saw them a couple weeks ago. And was shocked what people were asking for them.


Looks very practical but I don’t know if it can be considered LST as it is not progressive icon_e_confused|nullxnull, might be a good healing for supercrop … :sunglasses:


I was kinda leaning towards a Z bend one, to bring tops down an inch or so.

I would think when they start heading back up toward the light, that will be about the difference made if steps arent taken to keep the plant horizontal, but that’s just my guess. Not sure when I will actually use these. I am sure they will have their moment, eventually.

You don’t need those you can achieve the same outcome with string


strings take a while to tie, and when they are many branches it adds up quickly to hours of work. Practicality and ease is key

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