Polination from my regular seeds is correct way to get seeds from same specie?

Your question is unclear. You’re talking about the process or about the selection ?

Thats amazing brother, you got the best knowladge about it.

im trying to explain if it is correct way to Polinization seeds, with both female and male, from same regular seeds. for example og kush male vs og kush female, what going to be a result? but a friend @Pjhunt78 makes my a best recomendation i will doing just clone then i will try doing personal Crosses, with landrance seeds.

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You will produce seeds that way yes, those are called F1. P1 = Parent 1, P2 = Parent 2.

P1 x P2 = F1.


Nice Brooother i will read more about that crosses between seeds unfortunately im not a grower for prosefion but i do my best for get the best knowladge about that

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Anda al hilo de espanyol si te cuesta explicarte en ingles… Me extranya.

Go to the Spanish thread if explaining yourself in English is hard. No worries.


That would not make F1 seeds. That would be interbreeding poly hybrids wich gives you tons of genetic variation. To make an f1 you need unrelated parents. Recreating that strain from those seeds would take tons of work. Or incredible luck.


There are also Polys that breed true ya just have to experiment for a few decades.



Not quite true as we need to compare result to original parent that breeder used.

Exactly… Technically speaking you are crossing

F1 x F1 = F2

so the result is F2 which has way higher variation (unless you are already working with “true breeding” (IBL) strains as @Subcool suggests, but that is highly unlikely).

@hempmex you can read a lot about it in GrowFAQ, for example:


Thanls for show me the way about this pretty platform, im looking for information but it will be dificutl to get it.

You can go from GrowFAQ homepage, or search in FAQ archive by adding in:faq to your search query (for example search for “f2” in FAQ)

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That’s how we do it since centuries.

An OG Kush F2 line.

Do the both.

In a first time you can do a “one shot hybrid” without selection : the F1 female on your five pack x the male landrace that you aim.

Then you can increase the quality of this cross later, in selecting again a new/better female in your own OG Kush F2 line. 5 seeds only don’t permit to have a good margin in term of quality and opportunity. The bonus is that you will known how to react the landrace allready, and refine the selection of the F2 female in this way.

have fun

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No, tico, no es tan fácil, como @Pjhunt78 bien apunta: para que se cumplirá la cita de @GrowerGoneWild los P1 y P2 deben ser Landraces puras hechas heirlooms o híbridos modernos hechos IBLs … Y cuanto menos emparentados entre ellos mejor.


Well, it would really make “F1 seeds from his P1 x P2 cross”, but withoth Mendelian hybrid vigor n without Mendelian F1 " homogeneidad/estabilidad"…


Are ya totally sure that strains of @hempmex grow are F1’s ?


How could a poly breed true? And how are you defining true breeding?


brother im not sure, they are F1 the seeds are only regular seeds from Rollex Og Kush to Devil Harvest Seeds, i will to poly Males x Females, what do you see brother, mi carnal huerote.

@RarePheno is simply hardest for my i will try with Breeder Grow Bible and it looks so lovely but is a lot of information to read i going slow but i dont stop to read that book.

Mi currentlu estatus is this one but all the harvest has seeds into theyr flowers

@MiG THANKS BROTHER i will try with Afghan Kush 100% Indica x Jarrilla Sinaloense 100% Sativa, that will be my frist Cross

i hope will be

Afgan Male x Jarrilla Sinaloense Female
Jarilla Male x Afgan Female

i think this will be direrent reaction cross.


Jarilla de Sinaloa is alsow called Cola Borrego Sinaolense

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at what generation do you loose the majority of variance you gain with the F2 Generation?

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