Poll: Where do we OG'ers grow?

In previous poll we’ve learned a lot :slight_smile: … Check for yourself, but quick surprising facts:

Only 27% of our OG members is 30 or under.
Whopping 73% of overgrowers are 31 years and older.
49% of Overgrowers are 41 years and older.
25% are 51 yr and older…

So let’s do another week’s poll to find more about our community:

(Votes are anonymous and you can choose multiple choices)

Where do we grow?

  • Outdoors
  • In the greenhouse
  • Indoors (open space)
  • Indoors (in a tent)
  • Indoors (microgrow)

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In the greenhouse 0%

Greenhouses are for hipsters … :smiley: :slight_smile:


This is interesting, thanks @HydroPower!

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A greenhouse here is a solar oven, in the summer you put plants in it to die.


A greenhouse here is a freezer in the winter; you put plants in it to die.

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I am only growing indoors now, but I have GROWN,

Outdoor gorilla and normal