Purple Rhino, Paralyzed Monster, GG4xC99, BOG LSDxSourBubble and Sunflowers

Excellent stuff!!

:+1: :sunglasses:

I’m front and center for this one!



Going to be hanging around for this one. :smiley:
The GG4 x C99 that I grew out was very good by the way.


Me too! love the GIF.
Could you pm me how to add one. I don’t want to mess up this thread.


I’m running the big sunflowers in my yard this year.


I’m down for the show my friend, nice line up

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@Pigeonman always a pleasure to be growing with you. I had a vision, your spirit face

On a Borg Body with long controlled root dreads and pigeons on the ends… sound good? If so I’ll sketch it up. :sunglasses:
Heading over to see you at:

@Gpaw very good to see you my friend, I look forward to making some more memorable grow moment’s with you, as always.

This looks very interesting:

@Floyd i’ll be update the photo’s that I will be using to make a seed to harvest video for the GG4xC99 in the…

I got zero doubt they will be awesome, just like you.

@GrowingInThePines Welcome to the grow show. Seeyah in the Pines

Looking forward to your first topic thread.

@rooted will you be posting sunflowers here?

We grow sunflowers every year, this year is dedicated to strength to endure and fighting oppression. The Sunflower is the honored state flower of Ukraine.

@TopShelfTrees1 It’s good to see you, Thank you for joining in, I’ll be joining you here:


Yes I’ll be posting sunflowers. I think I’ve gotten one to about 8-9ft in a fabric pot before but know I can get one bigger.


Thanks Mr H!!

I think there’s going to be a lot of Sunflowers grown this year…
:sunflower: :sunflower:
We have a hundred seeds to plant :+1:



Sounds awesome @Heliosphear ! :fist:

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Greetings @Heliosphear,
I’m adding this thread to my Daily Checklist!

I have a couple of Paralyzed Monsters freshly hatched and into Dixie Cups. Excited to see them develop. Do you have a plan for vegging them till they show their sex?

-Grouchy :v: :green_heart:


I’ve got at least 700 I quit counting so if you are interested I can send out sunflower seeds from my garden last year and they were 5-6 feet tall on average and if I am stepping on toes and hijacking your thread sorry just wanted to help promote the support for anyone interested thanks the Doc


@rooted sounds like you got the knowledge to OverGrow the sunflowers for Ukraine to support peace. Thank you OG.

@Gpaw hundreds of sunflowers :smiley: fantastic! I can’t wait to see em, been busy in the garden most days :sunglasses: keeps my mind off the chaos.

@Pigeonman :fist: :sunflower: :peace_symbol:

@GrouchyOldMan Welcome OG and fellow paralyzed monster grower. I really like this thread of yours.

I’m am going to be vegging till sex is known, males terminated as soon as they show. The temperature variations have been difficult for starting more seeds. I’m definitely looking forward to flowering the @JohnnyPotseed Paramonster.

@DrGonzo13 Welcome OG, I would like to put in a request for some of your seeds. I don’t see how you could be high jacking the thread when I gave me the great idea to make it a singular thread where we can all show our support for peace in Ukraine. Thank you.

This is the only GG4xC99 that made it thru the first pop of 5 seeds.

Everything is good in the grow. Have a excellent weekend.


I’m liking This thread @Heliosphear!

Here’s a pic of my two tiny PM Monsters (right) and the Acapulco Gold Twins (left) from @lambchopedd.

It’s cold and dry here but they seem to be shrugging it off. I’m hosing them down with a water spray bottle a few times a day, they seem to love it.



Love the flower shots.

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March 26 was the last post… 72 hours later, all plants terminated. Current condition of grow cab.

I spent my time between then and now sheltering family. I opened the cab doors today, cleaning has begun. Going to be ready to start a new grow July 4th.

If you haven’t jumped in already, please consider giving a buck.


Welcome back. Pulling up in a MRAP to watch the show :sunglasses:

Glory to Ukraine :ukraine:

Have you already decided what strains you will be running this time? I’m excited to see more sunflowers and Cannabis!


My wall of :sunflower: ;s is coming along!
Much love to you @Heliosphear :heart:


Great to see your journal active again brother.


Glorious day!

Cleaning going well

First seeds arrived for next grow.
My dream seeds are on the way DNA Cannalope Haze and my wall of sunflowers is making more seeds for the next generation.

Learned more about how to make my next grow a virtual world.

If everything goes well tomorrow I’ll have some kick ass deep chunk seeds!
Hope you had a good weekend, good nite OG’s.